If you’re looking for a way to kill your Sunday afternoon, you might try checking out the YouTube channel EveryAppleAds. The channel, as the name implies, hosts a massive collection of TV commercials for Apple products from the past few decades.

These guys have been steadily posting ads over the last several months. But just within the past week or so, they’ve started adding vintage Apple television spots from the 1980s that you’ve either forgotten about, or more likely, never knew existed…

The commercials, first spotted by MacRumors, feature both the Macintosh and Apple II computers. And most of them appear to be geared toward convincing users that PCs can be very useful, and Apple’s can be used by anyone from kids to executives.

Here’s one of my favorites (watch for the twist at the end):


And here’s one starring a young Andrea Barber, also known as Kimmy Gibbler from Full House:


Apple’s creative advertising, and its ability to market technology to the average consumer is the stuff of legends. And while admittedly, some of these 80s spots didn’t age well, there’s a lot of classics here. I recommend checking them out if you get the chance.

It’s also cool to see how these older commercials compare to Apple’s newer ones. Here’s one of its latest: Designed by Apple in California.

  • iosPixel

    Hardsell is indeed a great ad.

    And that is a great YT channel.

  • Robel Berhane

    Lol and the black guy wants to be a record producer

    • Adil Hussain

      a little bit racist maybe?

    • David Gitman

      and the problem is ?

    • Ernie Marin

      it’s an 80’s commercial, back then almost every important black man in the entertainment business was in music, though none of them even knew how to play the keyboard.

  • Prasoon Singh

    Can someone explain to the Hard Shell one to me? I didn’t get that one at all.

    • iosPixel

      My interpretation is that the ad leads you to believe that the salesman is trying to convince (and sell) his systems (Apple) to the exec. However the exec won’t budge until they’ve got the software right.

      The twist is that the exec and his company are already using the system we were lead to believe was being sold
      to him. That of Apple.

      The “tell” is the IBM insignia located in the briefcase.

    • billypuntove

      At the time of this ad, everyone and their mother used IBM. If you watched this commercial then, you’d think it’s a salesman selling Apple’s system, the newcomer, and that the executive is on IBM like everyone else. The twist at the end is that it’s really an IBM sales man (tag on the briefcase)