iPad mini (three-up, front, back, profile, black)

It’s widely believed an unknown portion of iPad mini production is being handled by Foxconn’s recently built manufacturing facilities in Brazil. It’s remarkable then that the iPad mini is still unavailable in the country. The situation is finally set to take a turn for the better as the iPad mini is slated to arrive in Brazil next Tuesday, June 25. As you know, Apple launched the iPad mini in the United States and several other key markets eight months ago, in October 2012…

MacWorld Brasil points at teaser images published by local distributors FNAC and Saraiva announcing June 25 availability. Prices haven’t been advertised by either store, but make no mistake about it – the device is going to be significantly pricier than the $329 entry-level asking price over in the United States.

FNAC would only say the prices will be revealed on June 25, confirming it will start accepting online orders through its website at 8am local time.

iPad mini Brasil teaser

Brazil is home to the nearly 200 million people and one of the emerging markets along with Russia, India and China where Apple’s products are out of average folks’s reach. In the case of Brazil, this is mostly due to local regulations and high import taxes.

It’s also interesting that Apple ran into trouble with the Brazilian patent system and a local Android handset maker over the iPhone moniker.

After losing the valuable trademark in the country – and following a long legal spat – the two sides dropped the lawsuit in favor of a “pacific” agreement said to include a cash payment from Apple, per Brazil’s largest daily newspaper.

  • Carlos Rezende

    Welcome to my country’s bureaucracy!

  • Linton Findlay

    haha the iPad mini 2 will be out in 6 or less months

  • Ricky

    At least its comming to brazil. In my country i think apple planed to release ipad mini 2 rather than the 1st gen

  • seyss

    third world sh1thole

  • Julio Cesar

    Some prices of Brazil:

    Mac Mini starting at U$ 1103
    MacBook Air starting at U$ 1854

    iPod Shuffle 2GB – U$ 114

    iPod Nano 16GB – U$ 335

    iPod Touch 16GB – U$ 397

    iPhone 3GS 8GB – U$ 317

    iPhone 5 16GB – U$ 1059
    iPhone 5 32GB – U$ 1191
    iPhone 5 64GB – U$ 1324

    This is just a sample, the salary of the Brazilian people is also ridiculous
    For me and almost everyone I know, have an Apple product is just a dream
    I hope one day this will change … But don’t think that will be anytime soon …

  • Daniel Oliveira

    This is why we are changing our country… #changeBrazil

  • Bob

    Brazilian girls are hot 😀

  • Lemos

    Well, here, on brazil, we have 100% tax on phones… So, you just have to double the price of ipad mini to know the price here. About the long wait for us, as you said, its due to local regulations we had to wait 8 months, our government has to aprove anything before it enters here, but, for some reason, it always take like 4 months for all apple’s new product and, this time, 8 months.

  • blastingbigairs

    Brazil is where god first created the woman’s a** I think. Good Lord!!!!