Apple may pay to use iPhone name in Brazil

Apple may be able to use the iPhone trademark to sell its smartphone in Brazil. Lawyers have requested 30 days to reach an agreement outside of court, according to a weekend report. Brazil’s largest daily newspaper reported the two parties have dropped the lawsuit seeking ownership of the ‘iPhone’ trademark and plan a “pacific” agreement – likely to include a cash payment from the iPhone maker…

Folha de São Paulo (via Fortune) reports that IGB Electronica, maker of Android-based devices carrying the IPHONE label, will settle with Apple.

This follows a February ruling by Brazil’s Institute of Industry Property that a 2000 registration by IGB of the IPHONE name forbids Apple using the iPhone trademark in that country.

Apple had appealed the ruling.

However, this latest report, if proven correct, would follow previous branding disputes resolved after Apple wrote a check.

In 2012, Apple payed China-based Proview $60 million to drop a challenge of the iPad trademark.

When the iPhone launched in 2007, Cisco began a similar trademark challenge which was resolved a month later.