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Let’s state the obvious; iOS 7 borrows heavily from many of our favorite jailbreak tweaks. Without even really trying, I came up with a list of ten different jailbreak tweaks that may have inspired the iOS 7 development team.

Yes, the obvious ones are here, like SBSettings and LiveClock, but some not so obvious ones have made the cut as well. Check inside, as I walkthrough all 10 jailbreak tweak inspirations on video, and compare them with their iOS 7 counterparts.


This is, perhaps, the most obvious jailbreak tweak inspiration. In fact, it’s almost a 1:1 tradeoff. Prior to iOS 7, the only way that you could get a real working clock on your Clock app icon was to use a jailbreak tweak aptly entitled LiveClock. iOS 7 now features a fully functional clock on the Home screen. It’s a nice feature, even if it is a bit on the redundant side with the status bar clock and all. As expected, there’s no way to customize the iOS 7 version of LiveClock; what you see is what you get.

The App Switcher

The new App Switcher is a pretty significant departure from what we currently have in iOS 6. Although Apple likely took its inspiration from a variety of sources, including webOS, I like to think that the jailbreak tweak called Dash provided some of the idea. Toss in a little bit of Auxo, and you’ve got iOS 7’s new App Switcher.

Control Center

It’s basically SBSettings on steroids without any of the customization that SBSettings brings to the table. I’m ecstatic to finally have toggles on iOS, but the level of customization that SBSettings, and other similar tweaks like Auxo and NCSettings brings to the table will keep us looking forward to an iOS 7 jailbreak after all.


Seven iterations in, and we can finally put as many items in a folder as we’d like. There’s also a handy paging feature that allows us to add our own mini Home screens inside each folder. Tweaks like FolderEnhancer and Infinifolders could have been inspirations for this.

Dynamic Wallpaper

It’s not exactly the same, but LivePapers is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to have animated wallpaper on a jailbroken iPhone. Thus far, iOS’ dynamic wallpaper doesn’t feature effects as drastic as LivePapers, but there’s certainly room for growth. iOS 7’s dynamic wallpapers feature interesting 3D effects that change as you move your iOS device, which is similar to another jailbreak tweak — DeepEnd.


In iOS 7, Safari now features the ability to deploy an unlimited amount of tabs, just like a jailbreak tweak called Tabs+.

Blurred Notification Center

The new Notification Center ditches the opaque linen textures for a translucent overlay that allows you to see a blurred view of the contents behind the drop down window. Back when Notification Center was all the rage, a jailbreak tweak called FastBlurredNotificationCenter did just that.

Notification Center on Lock screen

Back before it was possible to view Notification Center from the Lock screen like you can with iOS 7, there was a jailbreak tweak called Bulletin, and it allowed you to do something crazy — view your Notification Center right from the comforts of the Lock screen.

Swipe Gestures

SwipeBack is an extremely handy jailbreak tweak that allows you to use simple swipe gestures to navigate back through various menus on iOS. iOS 7 has adopted this functionality in a limited manner by allowing you to use swipe back gestures in apps like Mail, Messages, and even Settings.

Safari search box

I’ve always hated the separation of search and address bars in the stock Mobile Safari browser. Now Apple has finally moved Safari out of the stone age, and has updated it with a Google Chrome like omnibox for unified search and browser requests. Back before the mobile version of Google Chrome even appeared to be possible on iOS, there was a jailbreak tweak called Safari UniBar, and it allowed you to have a true unified browsing experience.

Of course, there are likely many other features found in iOS7 that might have been inspired by the jailbreak community. Have you found any? Share your findings in the comments section below.

  • i <3 Jailbreak+Apple

    So true. Because they have FINALLY accepted the fact that those famous jailbreak tools were what we love, so they lowered their pride to do it. GJ Apple.

  • Curt

    And LSScrubbing

  • Pankaj Rana

    3D Board is also preinstalled in iOS 7… but in a better sophisticated way..

  • Eric

    But they couldn’t add quick compose/reply. C’mon now Apple. I need this feature.

  • Elias Chao

    I think the LockScreen is very similar to LS Lyra.

  • J™

    CRedits to the iOS jailbreak developers

  • Shrey Gupta

    Jeff ,can you do a post on new features in the default mail app in iOS 7?

  • yes you are right these features are taken from jailbreak apps

  • Hyr3m

    I just realized something… the creators of these tweaks that got “borrowed” by Apple now have the ultimate hipdouche trump card : “I created that functionality for my iPhone before it went mainstream”.

  • genXhippie

    The added features were not “borrowed”, rather copied from already existing cydia tweaks. To use the word borrow over states Apple’s significance/part while understating cydia’s tweak developers’ roles imo. In other words, give credit where credit is due, and vice versa, please. 😉

  • WA

    Looks to me, Apple has lost most ideas, and starting to copy from other, even if they don’t copy it from Android, Windows or symbian etc, it still took most of the tweaks etc from the jailbreak gurus.

    I missed those days when every OS are imitating and copying iOS

  • Rommel Lapuz

    you forgot the parallax!!!!

  • ha

    Why do people complain about malware on Android? It’s just like a PC, don’t download shady stuff. Also, JellyBean has a scanner built in, you could read the reviews, don’t visit shady sites and don’t pirate stuff, then you won’t get malware. It’s that simple.

    iOS can get viruses via Cydia sources, BTW.

  • ha

    Funny, people saying they don’t want an Open iOS on a website about jailbreaking.

    That’s ironic.

  • Dynamic wallpapers drain the mess out of the iphone. be careful!

  • Chris Barnett

    The time left on the timer shows up underneath the lockscreen time, similar to Stoppur.

  • Luka Matić

    I think it’s great that Apple is bringing jailbreak tweaks to their OS. It was about time they did something like this.

  • Mark

    It ruins the point of jailbreak on some extend but still cydia has way more cooler things

  • nsjakdn

    Still no quick reply?

  • Matt

    Has nobody realized that this guy already seems to have iOS 7? How’d he get it?

  • Thanks be to Todd

    Sometimes I like to imagine one day Saurik wakes up. Groggy eyed he logs on to his PayPal account and notices a $10,000,000 donation from T. Cook

  • Snapple

    iOS 7 is catching up with Android now. more tweaks added to iPhones in Apple’s style 🙂

  • Leo Del Maximo

    With all the news about these patent wars going on now – I’m quite surprised that I don’t hear about any jailbreak developers taking Apple to court for the stuff being “borrowed” from Apple. I wonder why that is…