Safari UniBar: Add Google Chrome’s OmniBar to Mobile Safari

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a staunch Google Chrome advocate for basically two reasons: a) It’s incredibly easy it is to restore all of your bookmarks, history, and extensions. And b). The OmniBar.

The OmniBar is the feature that I always end up missing the most when I’m forced to use another browser. The OmniBar is great, because it does something incredibly simple: It lets you perform searches and web queries from within the same box.

Safari UniBar is a jailbreak tweak that brings this same functionality to the iPhone’s Mobile Safari


The best jailbreak tweaks are generally always the simplest, most straightforward ideas, and Safari UniBar is no exception.

It’s as simple as all get out, but this tweak has immediately leaped frogged into my top tweaks of all time discussion, just like that.

What about you? Are you finding Safari UniBar as great as I am?