FolderEnhancer for iPhone Released [Get it Now]

A couple weeks ago we introduced you to FolderEnhancer, an awesome jailbreak app that let’s you considerably improve what you can do with Folders on your iPhone. At the time though, the app was still being worked on. I’m here to tell you FolderEnhancer is now available on Cydia.

iOS 4 gave us the ability to create folders on the home screen. This was in itself a big step forward but its implementation is limited. FolderEnhancer unleashes the potential of your iPhone folders with some amazing features…

I’ve been playing with FolderEnhancer for a while and it doesn’t only look good, it works great too, except for that one time when it crashed my iPhone. I guess it just needed a reboot… So, what does FolderEnhancer do?

  • It definitely opens folders faster
  • You can add up to 320 icons per folder (by default, Apple limits you to 12/folder)
  • You can create folders inside folders
  • You can add folders to the dock

Additionally, FolderEnhancer comes with a few options you can tweak in the, such as disabling the folder wallpaper, hiding the folder name, or disabling animations.

FolderEnhancer is compatible with MultiIconMover and Iconoclasm.

Is this app worth the $1.99 price tag? Absolutely. Now stop reading this and go download it in Cydia. You won’t regret it. If you have already downloaded FolderEnhancer, please take the time to tell us what you think.