LiveClock tweak updated with iOS 5 support

As most of you know, LiveClock has been around the jailbreak scene for quite some time. The tweak replaces the Clock app’s icon with an animated version that reflects the current time.

But over the years, LiveClock has gotten lost in the couch cushions of Cydia. Ignored by its developer, the package had not seen an update since 2010. Until yesterday, that is…

Well-known jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich released an update to LiveClock last night, finally bringing iOS 5 support to the forgotten tweak. The new version also includes a handful of WinterBoard themes, for those that have the app.

LiveClock 0.6 works just like you’d expect from a veteran like Petrich. It downloads quickly, works right away, and since I installed it early this morning, I haven’t noticed any stability problems. It feels native — as it probably should be.

If you’d like to try out the tweak, you’ll need to make sure you have added Ryan Petrich’s repo. To do that, open up Cydia, then tap Manage > Sources > Edit > Add and type the following: Then just search for LiveClock.

And don’t worry, it’s still free.

What do you think of the new LiveClock?