LiveClock App Updated for iOS 4.0

Here’s a neat little jailbreak tweak that’s finally jumped on the 4.0 bandwagon. LiveClock makes your home screen clock icon – you guessed it – live! The second-hand ticks along, and the icon displays your current time rather than it being eternally 10:15 on the dot.

It might be tiny but it’s accurate, and that’s what counts! It looks pretty sharp on the Retina Display, too…

You can find the app in Cydia, just┬ásearch for LiveClock and you’ll be on your way to tickin’ and tockin’. If you find yourself fond of knowing what time it is down to the second, check out Lock Seconds which adds seconds to your lockscreen clock.

Anyone else as happy as I am to see this update? What other tweaks are you waiting for to update to 4.0?