How to enable fast Notification Center background blurring

Looking for an instantaneous method for blurring the background after invoking Notification Center?

If so, then perhaps Ryan Petrich’s longwinded FastBlurredNotificationCenter will suit your needs.

This is a free jailbreak tweak available on Petrich’s beta repo, which causes an instant blur effect for Notification Center.

Inside we have a brief video of it in action, along with the link you need to score a free copy for yourself…


If your iOS 5 device is jailbroken, simply add the following repo to your Cydia sources:

Being that the tweak is beta, it’s fairly bare bones, and there are no options to configure, or even as much as a simple kill switch.

Still, for a free tweak, FastBlurredNotificationCenter does what it is intended to do, and does it well.

How do you think this tweak compares to BlurriedNCBackground — another free tweak that lends a blurring effect to Notification Center?