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Throwing its proverbial credibility behind a recent rumor of iOS 7 having native Flickr and Vimeo integration, the credulous Wall Street Journal has just published a write-up which asserts that Apple’s upcoming iOS revision will feature photo-sharing enhancements alongside new look. iOS 7 will include “new ways to share photos and videos” with other users, people who are reportedly involved in its development said…

In addition to iRadio, refreshed Mac notebooks and OS X 10.9, the paper expects that:

The new iOS will also include new ways to share photos and videos with other iPhone users and other enhancements, these people said.

So, the Journal basically heard what Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac learned three weeks ago:

In the upcoming overhaul of its iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch operating system, iOS 7, Apple plans to include an increased presence of third-party social networks, including Flickr and Vimeo, according to a person familiar with the software.

The newspaper goes on to add that a rumored standalone Apple television set is “being held up by discussions with cable companies and TV networks, as well as content companies”.

Apple wants to be able to offer a new type of service with the device that relies on cooperation from the networks and cable operators.

The story echoes The Loop in saying there won’t be new iPhones and iPads at WWDC. The next iPhone is expected to “look a lot like the current one,” the paper wrote.

Finally, the Journal drops hints at how Apple’s head of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, and his team could leverage Apple’s recent acquisition of app discovery engine Chomp.

Cue has also been deploying engineers acquired through the company’s purchase last year of app search engine Chomp to help improve data practices across products, including maps, according to people close to the company.

Cue’s most recent talent hire includes Adobe’s former CTO Kevin Lynch who last month joined Apple as a VP of technology.

Of course, the News Corp.-owned publication couldn’t resist throwing mud at Apple.

The story conveniently cites a taxi driver who fears “Apple’s losing its edge” because Samsung’s phones are much “cooler” because they can run several apps at once.

As for “new ways to share photos and videos,” eagle-eyed readers could point to a May 2012 WSJ report that claimed Apple would upgrade iCloud to allow for video syncing.

That never came – iCloud in its current incarnation continues to syncs photos only.

Speaking of sharing, I’m all for deep integration of popular social networks in iOS 7 and the addition of Flick and Vimeo will certainly be welcomed (can we also have native LinkedIn sharing, please?).

That being said, I’m hoping Apple has spent some time advancing iCloud because as it is now, the Photo Stream thing is pretty rudimentary.

And really, why the heck is iCloud video sync taking so long?

photo stream website 1

Moreover, why aren’t we able to create photo albums using the iCloud web interface? Apple’s iPhoto iOS app includes beautiful photo album templates and the phased-out iWeb application (used to be part of the iLife suite) had great-looking web galleries.

photo stream website 2

While in iOS 6 turning a Photo Stream into a public web site is as easy as flipping a switch in settings, that’s about it. What we need are rich iOS galleries with iWeb-like templates and full customization capabilities.

Oh, and stop deleting my Photo Stream images after 30 days, will you?

What new photo and video sharing features are you hoping for in iOS 7, if any?

  • Meh…sounds like they’re referring to the subfunction of AirBlue Sharing; sharing photos/videos over ad-hoc wi-fi.

  • Zorvage

    Let’s hope this isn’t the killer feature!

    • Wouldn’t keep my hopes up; they did the same overdue improvements with iOS 6 and called it “All-new”…

      • mav3rick

        Don’t get it why all are getting so hyped up. Why they should change their course of actions and really give something so different and helpful this time? Only because Scott left? He was the only one keeping iOS locked down on user experience? This is only the reason why so suddenly the simple clean look: to get distant from Scott’s vision on Human Interface. The rest will be same crippled experience for those who really want to use the device itself. One or some “innovative” features from sharing and a new AAPL service. That’s all what it will be. If maybe one real user feature will be added, like quick reply or fast switches, this will be a miracle.

  • Kadhir Anand

    20 hours left 🙂

  • Luke O’ Sullivan

    My Photo Stream images don’t delete after 30 days, are they supposed to? I thought it just synced them back 30 days…

  • Joebaby Chavez

    i’m very optimis apple so secrect the disapoint me

  • n0ahcruz3

    I hope a more simplified transfer like bluetooth sharing or NFC sharing without the need of internet connection wifi/3G. I dont like using airplay. I want to use the bluetooth on my iphone for file transfers etc not just for bluetooth boomboxes.

    • Hisham

      HA HA HA HA , have you bought the magic beans yet , this is apple THEY
      decide whats best for you they dont let you choose anything , the
      Bluetooth feature while awesome it will not happen , why? because apple that’s why

      • n0ahcruz3

        Im still hoping.. And that is also why im switching to GS4 when my contract is up this month. Im currently using a 4S.

  • ShavontiLewis

    i’m also hoping for deeper integration with things with flickr, but I really hope icloud gets some attention. Other cloud services like dropbox and google drive are getitng update upon update to improve their functionality while icloud still seems so rudimentary

  • seyss

    in US Bluetooth file transfer (OBEX) is not popular.. but in most countries it is EXTREMELY popular to send/receive videos/photos/music using it and not being able to use it is on an iPhone very frustrating

    • Hisham

      this is apple they lock-down everything , they wont allow sending “pirated songs” or photos either .

  • Stefan Jansen

    Who gives a damn about social media sharing?! There’s tons of apps capable of doing that. Apple should really implement some new technology and features for enhancing user experience and giving users the possibilty to use the device in the most functional way possible. Give developers more freedom, and iOS will turn into something greater than is now . From the last 2 years it seems the Apple engineers have lost the creativity.

    • n0ahcruz3

      This ^

    • Guest

      What you said is right… but I’m expecting for iOS 7 on this WWDC 2013

    • Min Park

      What you said is not wrong… There is the point right. Nonetheless, I’m expecting iOS 7 really in this turn.

    • Hisham

      sir have my like , well said

  • Kurt

    Search “credulous” on IDB…how many times will Ziberg say the same thing? But never would he smear NYT who is well deserving