• I like how everything is stored on the cloud, yet not everybody has unlimited Internet

    • Gorgonphone

      yeah all these companies are in cahoots and getting you to spend more on data is part of the deal..lol

    • sleeperjoe

      Doesn’t have to be unlimited. Just need to sort out priorities. What’s more important? Saving that game data, porn, or a delicate balance of the two?

  • why not just use game center

  • Gorgonphone

    OMG all this mandatory cloud BS is really a pain..AND having 100 apps from 100 companies that all do the same thing is also getting very annoying on IOS

  • hasan51h

    Finally .

  • seyss

    rovio chose to ignore iCloud game sync which works great.. just see Swordigo and other games

    • sleeperjoe

      They ignore for good reason. See Where’s My Water/Perry etc that don’t work no matter what is suggested.

      Users don’t want blame shifting between Apple and Devs. They just want a sync process that works and this way Rovio is in control of working out the kinks themselves.

  • I’m not saying I’m a fan of “other devices” but by ignoring iCloud I’m assuming that this syncs outside of the Apple ecosystem bubble and works on Android and potentially Windows too? If you ask me ignoring Apples iCloud is a smart move. It says to Apple not only does iCloud not work properly (at times) but it isn’t open enough either to be able to sync across multiple devices…