Strategy Analytics: iCloud and iTunes Match are top cloud media services in US

This is kind of interesting. According to a new report from market research firm Strategy Analytics, Apple’s iCloud and iTunes Match are the top cloud media services in the United States.

The firm asked 2,300 Americans which online digital locker storage services they used to store music, video or games online. And believe it or not, iCloud/iTunes Match took the field…

Engadget points to the new Strategy Analytics report, which shows that 27% of users surveyed said that they had used one of Apple’s two cloud services to store media online at one point in time.

The number was good enough to top Dropbox, who came in second at 17%, and cloud drives from Amazon and Google, who accounted for 15% and 10% respectively. Gaikai came in last with 2%.

I would have thought that Dropbox, who crossed 100 million users last fall, would have come out on top. But I guess it’s not that surprising, since iCloud comes preinstalled on millions of iOS devices.

It’s also worth noting that 55% of those polled hadn’t ever used a cloud media service at all, which suggests that cloud services in general still have a lot of room to grow with mainstream users.

Apple launched both iCloud and iTunes Match in late 2011. During the company’s Q1 earnings call earlier this year, Tim Cook noted that it now has over 250 million active iCloud accounts.

We’re curious, which cloud service do you use and why?