15 interesting points from today’s earnings call

Apple store (Nanjing East, China, exterior 001)

Apple announced its highly anticipated earnings for the fourth quarter of 2012, the first fiscal quarter of 2013, this afternoon. And although they were record-breaking, they missed Wall Street projections. But we’ll save the ‘doomed’ talk for another time.

Right now, we’re just getting finished with Apple’s earnings conference call. And as usual, Tim Cook and company made a few fascinating revelations and dropped a number of statistics. We have the 15 most interesting points for you after the break…

  • Apple now has $137.1 billion in cash
  • Over 80 million iOS devices sold last quarter
  • Averaged 11 million iPhones per week during the holidays, or 1.5 million per day
  • More than 500 million iOS devices sold to date
  • iPod share is still 70%+ of MP3 player market
  • Over 2 million Apple TVs sold last quarter, most ever
  • The App Store is now available in 155 countries
  • 775,000 apps available in App Store, 300,000 iPad-specific
  • Cumulative app downloads have passed 40 billion
  • iTunes revenue was at $2.1 billion
  • There’s now 500 million iTunes account holders in 155 countries
  • More than 250 million iCloud accounts
  • Over 2 billion iMessages set per day
  • Now 396 Apple Stores open with 150 outside of the US
  • Averaging 23,000 weekly visitors per store

Additionally, Tim Cook debunked recent rumors that the company was cutting part orders for the iPhone 5, saying ‘The supply chain is very complex and we have multiple sources for things. Yields can vary, supplier performance can vary.”

He also talked about the progress Apple has made on its Maps application, and said that his team is “working on some incredible stuff. The pipeline is chock full. We feel great about what we’ve got in store.” We’ll have more on this soon, so stay tuned.