Remember webOS? Say what you will about Palm, but the HP-acquired firm has pioneered what’s arguably the most efficient implementation of multitasking on a mobile device to this date (no jailbreak required, of course). For those not in the know, the webOS multitasking metaphor is a stack of cards which represents your running tasks.

Each card can be moved around, dismissed and manipulated with a flick of your finger. It’s a remarkably fun and engaging solution to efficiently interact with your apps, one which gets the job done while moving out of the way. Designer Jesse Head took that idea and applied it to the problematic iOS multitasking tray, replacing the boring grid of icons with app tiles sporting nearly full-screen live previews. It appears as useful as it’s gorgeous to look at, no?

You can swipe those cards up or down to kill the running apps, access oft-used iOS features like the music controls and brightness and quickly tap most important toggles like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Airplay – all right from the multitasking tray.

I also love the ability to perform searches across your running apps.

Hopefully, Apple’s design guru Jony Ive took into account those concept videos and mockups before gathering his team around Apple’s kitchen table to come up with a considered design solution for a more flatter iOS.

Now, not everyone is a fan of app tiles in their multitasking tray, I know that much.

I, for one, prefer a more simplified approach to multitasking based on large app icons rather than whiz-bang bells’n’ whistles.

I know that Auxo does nearly everything Jesse envisioned here, but again – not everyone likes Auxo’s approach to multitasking.

If anything, Jesse’s solution seems pretty efficient and straightforward. It looks business, but doesn’t appear to suffer from the cumbersomeness of the beautified interface.

The concept reminds me a little of the Windows Phone app switcher.

My only complaint: Jesse didn’t foresaw closing multiple apps at once, like in Auxo.

Can someone please make a tweak out of this thing?

  • Me


    • seyss

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      • David Villamizar

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      • Kurt

        Thank you…I can’t stand people saying it constantly. I thought I was the only one.

  • I really hope someone will make a tweak out of this

  • I want it baaad!

  • it will be in cydia ? maybe! it will be in iOS7 ? No!

    • Liam Mulcahy

      You never know we have Jony Ive know

      • Jony ive can make better than this! .. if he want xD

      • Jony Ive wouldn’t introduce something that memory-sucking.

  • Guest

    android had basically the same thing a while ago…

  • Guest

    android had the same thing a while ago lol!

  • hey its nice to see muti tasking tweak number 100000.. but umm cans a dev please work on fixing the IOS backgrounder tweak so we can actually have apps running fully in the back ground???

    • Damian W

      I think the fate of backgrounder is lost. It has not really been updated since ios4 and beginning of ios5.

      • but the “Quasar” tweak for ipad has a full back grounding code built into it … all the dev has to do is strip it out and we will be back to full back grounding..

        PLEASE can a dev get hat back grounding code from quasar and use it to give us backgrounding..?

      • Damian W

        I know one thing, the devs dont like when someone else steals (use for a good reason) code from them, even if it is a small portion of the code. Quasar does not work with iOS 6 and so the backgrounder code would not work either. I hope backgrounder will get updated, it worked perfect on iOS 4 and 5. For now I am satisfied with InfinityTask, works really good and it is pretty advanced tweak. You should give it a try.

      • InfinityTask only handled 25% of my backgrounder use , but i still need backgrounder in iOS 6 for the other 75% of my usage. 🙁

      • Damian W

        How did you get these numbers 25% . I enabled backgrounding in all the apps I am using. What else do we need?

      • i will try this now and see what it does..

      • Okay so so some silly reason this tweak only gives a max of 600 seconds of backgrounding time….loololoolol how can i change hat to unlimited time please?

      • Damian W

        it is a bit complicated tweak. The dev created a visual chart outline how this tweak works. I will just give you an explanation for overall works. The 600 hundred second limit applies only when your device is locked. Lets say you have safari opened and you lock device. Now the tweak gives you 600 seconds before the app closes. However, when your device is unlocked, you have unlimited amount of time. You can run any apps you want and they are not gonna close on you anytime soon as long as you have device unlocked.

      • sounds cool but can i have the option fro unlimited time… then this app will be perfect..

      • Damian W

        it is unlimited time by default as long as your device is unlocked. The user Ehab AbdulSalam above provided a little bit explanation too. He says that backgrounding for unlimited time applies mainly to Safari. BTW, I am surprised IDB did not review this tweak. They made tons of reviews of useless tweaks recently.

      • I appreciate this app as a good attempt but what made back grounder great was the it did 100% back grounder so if i had a movie playing it kept playing even if i locked the device or switched to another app.. So i use to use airplay for movies and i could still text of prows the web while the movie was playing..

      • Damian W

        Ah I see, another solutions for movie playing is Music Controls pro. It uses its own backgrounder code to play videos and music even when you exit the app. You should try it as well.

      • trying this now!!!!!!

      • Damian W

        let me know how this works out for you. MCPro plays even when you lock your device.

      • lol cant cause its $5 and there is no crack

      • Damian W

        Hmm it is worth the money. I have been using it for almost 3 years.

      • i need to test it cause i have a feeling it would provide a 100% backgrounding effect

      • Kurt

        5 bucks for a tweak? nah. But I would like to be able to play YouTube Videos with the phone locked to save battery when I’m on the subway. The iphone battery can’t handle much unfortunately.

      • InfinityTask make the apps that runs in background for 10 min , runs for unlimitied time and not to close after 10min but it will still use the default background task in ios , while backgrounder make the apps run in the background like if you were runing it your self not in background task like infinitytask.

        And actually infinitytask can run safari in backgroud like backgrounder did ,but only safari . If the dev of infinitytask somehow managed to make all the apps to behave like safari ,there will be no need for backgrounder anymore

      • YEs can someone get him to do this please?

      • yeah this teak is not doing 100% pack grounding though it is dong an improved suspend technique… i want 100% pure back grounding please..

      • Kurt


    • seyss

      I loved backgrounder.. too bad ashikase abandoned it..

      try raising him:


  • Spencer Venard

    Too similar to Auxo to be “original” and based on the video, Auxo is better IMO

  • nj0623

    whats funny is the fact that android had basically the same thing a while ago

  • Jason VonButtgereit

    Isn’t this just a nicer version of Multiflow? I’ll take this or an updated Multiflow that supports iOS 6

    • Damian W

      CardSwitcher is capable of livepreviews as long as you don’t open other apps. Lets say you have 4 apps open and the current one can show live preview. You can go to homescreen and still get the live previews

  • this is the worst concept ever,,,, why would u just want one application to be viewed while double tapping home button,,,,,
    that means you have to press the home button swipe and launch the app,,more steos
    I certainly liked the live tiles,,but it would be awesome if it was a stacks like webos,,,,where u could view 4 apps at a glance in multitasking tray

    • Damian W

      Well together with zephyr and other tweaks this concept could be the best multitasking tweak ever. I would like to see the stacks too, but it could only be a dream at this moment.

    • Kurt

      Most of the time you go to the last app used. So, for the most part it would be great. And to me, this is exactly the same as CardSwitcher with use of Zypher. Live card view is really cool. Just like my TouchPad. It’s done more elegant than Apple solution. It even fun to use as you have multiple ways of closing apps.

  • BrawlBro1

    Why can’t it just view 4 apps instead of 1? This will end up like the App Store search results. I know for a fact people are annoyed using it because you could only view one app and it takes a long time searching for what you need. Now apply the App Store search results to this concept and think about how annoying it would be sliding your finger left/right searching for what app you want to open. With 4 apps it will be faster and easier to use.

    • Damian W

      Having 4 apps can’t really give you a good preview . It will look like enlarged auxo preview. With seeing only one app you are able to avoid actually going into the app and you can clearly see the content. Then easily could scroll to the next app. However if you really want 4 apps then check out CardSwitcher.

      • BrawlBro1

        This concept is more simple and cleaner than CardSwitcher. Even if this concept had 4 apps it will look much bigger than Auxo previews and you will see what you were doing better than Auxo.

        If Apple does implement an app preview switcher then they better have an option to switch back to the original (kind of like how they have an option in notification for “none, banners, alert”)

      • Damian W

        I would say the dev should give an option to choose between one or four apps. Sort of like cardswitcher. This way we all gonna love the tweak.

  • Sentry

    When the app store changed the search results to single-cell results, we all agreed that it’s a slower experience, and a step backwards. This is no different; one view at a time is pointless for app switching, where you want to be able to see more than just one of your most recent apps. Just think how many swipes it would take to get to just the fourth app, or worse, eighth.

    Really great visuals with this one (awesome vid :p), but as far as UX goes it’s all flare.

    • BrawlBro1

      Exactly my point. 4 previews is better than 1 preview.

    • I totally Agree with you . Thays why i think apple would never put it in ios 7. It will look bad as a default appswitcher . But possibly maybe a tweak in cydia and many peaple will get it in their jailbroken devices (like me), specially for the live preview as it maybe like opening several apps at the same time and easily swich between them ( better than switching to an app and then switch back to where you was ) it will be very useful to me and many others

    • BrawlBro1

      I just thought of an idea for the previews. If this concept ever happens and if it has 4 app preview then it would be useful when you click the app icon and it automatically expands the preview into a huge preview (like the concept) and clicking it again brings it back to 4 previews. ;P

    • Yes, and a 4 tiles switcher it’s already there with Mission Board Pro! This ones are too big and Auxos tiles are to small…

  • Auxo in a XL mode

  • Thats exactly how i wanted it .

    And i dont think that apple will put it in ios 7 , but it maybe a future tweak in cydia , and actually i think that A3tweaks team can do it !, cuz its similar to Auxo except in the live preview thing . I think it will be easy for A3tweaks team to do it by just changing the look of Auxo!!. I just think so !

  • Looks really clean. Would love this in iOS 7

  • Toni

    So what is it good for? I can only see one app at a time instead of four, wow…

    • sooo true

    • seyss

      just posted this lol
      too bad most ppl don’t understand this until they start using it

  • Julian Feder

    This is exactly what ProSwitcher did, back in the days.

  • Auxo’s big brother

  • Damian W Joe Jonsen • an hour ago

    I think the fate of backgrounder is lost. It has not really been updated since ios4 and beginning of ios5.0


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    Joe Jonsen Damian W • a few seconds ago

    but the “Quasar” tweak for ipad has a full back grounding code built into it … all the dev has to do is strip it out and we will be back to full back grounding..

    PLEASE can a dev get hat back grounding code from quasar and use it to give us backgrounding..?

    • Kurt

      Apple should implement real multitasking. Apple’s solution was a preferred method back in the iOS 3.0 days when the battery/RAM couldn’t handle so much running. Now our phones are much more powerful and we have better batteries. It’s time for real multitasking

      • its been time and sooo sad that no jailbreak dev wants to create a new back grounder tweak and IDB does not care

  • seyss

    terrible. so instead of quickly choosing one out of 4 apps we now have only one at a time

    • If this is terrible, why not try making one yourself

      • seyss

        im not a tweak developer. i do my own work well done

  • Joseph

    Buy a samsung phone end you dont need to wait lol lol lolo lolo lol lol

    • Kurt

      When Note 3 is out, I’ll be getting one. And one for my wife.

  • Me like

  • Makes too much sense.

  • Multifl0w….

  • Awesome.

  • Take my money

  • Besides a few choice multitasking concepts I’ve seen on YouTube, such as the mission control style widgets (which is pretty cool), I still think Auxo is the style of multitasking I’d love to see in iOS 7. I wouldn’t say the UI is extremely different, just familiar enough for people to feel comfortable but useful enough (kill all apps, setting toggles, options for leaving the currently playing app running) to really enhance productivity on our iDevices. But, some people are fans of Auxo, I happen to be. It’s all preference and opinion.


  • notewar

    Look alright

  • momerathe

    WebOS was a great little OS. A bit too search-oriented, but the multitasking interface was excellent. What this concept lacks is stacks – the ability to interact with multiple pages within an app (e.g. browser tabs, individual emails etc) from the switcher.

    That’s the sort of thing that would require apple to do it, rather than a jailbreak tweak, as it would require exposing an API to app developers – and having them use it.

  • Auxo 2.0

    • Guest

      And you’re Retard 2.0…

  • Why always only multitasking concepts?

    • i have asked this 10000 times and its odd cause we dont even have real 100% multi talking apps any more and no dev wants to fix the backgrounder tweak soo tragic..

  • I really don’t mind the switcher we have now. It’s nice and effective. This one is way cool, but it would seem like getting to an app would take longer than usual.

  • If you want a good switcher like this, buy Mission Board Pro on Cydia for $2.99. Great tweak.

  • dedegarrido


    It’s pretty… BUT it’s to much information for app switching, and really takes out the meaning of app switching, cause it would be easier to close the running app, and open the one you wan’t from the springboard….

  • Ray V

    It’s called Cardswitcher

  • Immercify

    Jesse didn’t foresee* not forsaw.

  • reminds me of CardSwitcher…

    • adding swipe to quit on CARSWITCHER would pretty much put this at this ideas level – thats the only thing that i dig about it really

  • Edmond Koh

    Well, this concept definitely became a reality 😉