Spotify 0.6 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Not to be outdone by Amazon’s new Cloud Player app and Apple’s roll-out of iTunes in the Cloud in a dozen European markets, Spotify, the popular Swedish music streaming startup, has revamped its iPhone and iPad client with a brand new interface and a handful of fixes, most notably squashing the annoying bug (no, not that one) which displayed the wrong track on the Lock screen…

Spotify version 0.6.0 has a new Now Playing bar and Track menu, with the former displaying the currently playing track at all times. And finally fixing the Lock screen bug, the application now displays the proper title and artist for the currently playing song when your device is locked.

I am loving the revamped Now Playing bar: tracks can be changed with a simple swipe and tapping on the cover art reveals additional controls like AirPlay, shuffle and repeat. You can also tap and drag with your finger to get more information on the currently played song.

As for the new Track menu, it’s available under the “…” button which reveals a bunch of additional items.

For a heavy Spotify users like myself, the app’s confusing navigation and non-standard menus have been a pain. The new version fixes that, too, by implementing sidebar-based navigation that seems to be the norm these days.

Simply swiping left or right anywhere in the app reveals a new sidebar with options like Search, What’s New, Radio, Playlists, Friends, Inbox and Settings.

Here, check it out.

Spotify 0.6 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Release notes include:

• New: Shiny new interface. You can navigate around the app with a new sidebar. Check it out by swiping left-to-right, or by pressing the ≣ button in the top left of the app.
• New: Now Playing bar. You’ll always see what you’re listening to along the bottom of Spotify. To switch tracks, just swipe along it. Tap or drag to see more information about the current track. Tap the cover art in the extended view to use AirPlay, and disable/enable shuffle and repeat.
• New: Track menu. Tap the … button on any track to see a redesigned context menu.

• Fixed: “Track only available online” issues. This would sometimes appear after start-up, or when you’d been offline for a little while. Not any more.
• Fixed: Lock screen will now always display the correct track.
• Fixed: Shuffle now switches off after you’ve used “Shuffle Play” on an album or playlist.

Here is a pair of iPad screenies.

Spotify 0.6 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)Spotify 0.6 for iOS (iPad screenshot 002)

Spotify version 0.6 is a free download from the App Store supporting all iDevices natively. The program is also available on Android and just recently launched on Windows Phone with a free 30-day trial.

Of course, you’ll need a paid account to stream Spotify music to your iPhone or iPad, either a $4.99 a month tier for ad-free streaming to your desktop or notebook or a $9.99 a month unlimited high-quality streaming to all your desktop and mobile devices.

Spotify sbuscription tiers

Rumor mills are reporting that Spotify is attempting to talk the record labels into a new streaming agreement to allow owners of smartphones and tablets to listen to ad-supported music via a free Spotify account, a feature currently available on desktop and notebook computers only.

Meanwhile, talk persists that Apple for months has been in talks with the labels over music streaming rights for an alleged iTunes music streaming service. Also attacking the likes of Spotify, Rdio and Pandora: the Internet giant Google.

Bloomberg yesterday corroborated recent reports by The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times which suggested that Google’s own music streaming service will launch globally around this coming Fall.

According to Bloomberg, the service will work with both Android and non-Android devices, though the publication stopped short of mentioning Apple by name.

  • Does this give more music discovery? If not, I’m still not satisfied. The puny ‘What’s New’ tab is a sham.

    • retracted

      I’ve recently taken to the Tunigo app. Could prove useful.

      • Wow. Thanks for the tip. Now why can’t Spotify do something like this?

  • yader

    Grooveshark. Not the app, just on the iPhones browser.

    • Siv

      It’s not as polished.

      • yader

        Aknowledged, I just like the way I can look up any set of songs, then I place the iPhone in the no sleep mode and they play continuously. Any song I want. If when searching for the songs name, it doesn’t show up, look up the artist, or even the songs repetitive chorus. lol they get submitted in different forms.

      • Siv

        Yh, guess it does do what it promises which is to find and stream songs but you don’t get the same ease of use as you do with Spotify. Plus, I don’t think you can do offline mode on Groove shark (at least on their web app).

  • Some cool stuff

  • CORRECTION: Swiping from right to left in the interaction screen will give you the new sidebar menu. Also instead of pressing the hide button while playing in cover flow to see your playlist, you swipe down. To revert back just swipe up.

    In the Playlist each song has a “…” button. (Horrible icon for a context menu, it should of been green to match the interface and stand out.)

    Context Menu has two pages?? This isnt dynamic only because people will not swipe to page 2 of the context menu. Not practical.

    The most annoying part of Spotify Playlist is suppose you got tired of a song…you cannot swipe on the song to show a red delete button for a quick deletion. Instead you have to press the upper left … (because now you have more than one … ugh) and press Edit and 1 by 1 delete the songs you go tired of. No multi delete track ugh…… and more …

    Instead of Delete I say build an option called “Burnt out”. When you burn out a song its not that you dont like it anymore to delete it. Its just that you overplayed a song to the point you got sick of it for the moment. Therefore when you press burnt out it temporarily removes the track for 1 month. A month later that track comes back and your like OHHHH thats my shhh.

  • Spotify does not work here in India, so Grooveshark HTML 5 app works fine for me.

    • kzshantonu

      just subscribe to premium using gift cards, then it’ll work anywhere 🙂

  • You still can’t rearrange playlist! Why did you take away features spotify!!!!
    Other than that its nice

  • Guest

    I just purchased a subscription to Rdio because it had better interface than Spotify but now since they updated Spotify I’m tempted to switch over I have heard many good things about it and it seems it has much more support.

  • I love the update. The UI looks much better, the now playing bar is very good and that annoying lockscreen bug is fixed, too !