Apple expands iTunes in the Cloud support in France, Sweden, the Netherlands, and eight more European countries

france itunes in cloud

It appears that Apple has begun rolling out TV show and movie support for its iTunes in the Cloud service to a handful of new European countries this week. Users in France, the Netherlands and a few other European countries are reporting that they have just gained access to the feature, which allows you to access previously purchased content…

The Next Web points to a report from French website iGen, as well as several tweets, that seems to confirm that Apple has started turning on new iTunes in the Cloud features for at least some users. It’s worth noting, though, that it hasn’t updated its support list with these countries, so the launch could be premature.

Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden have all received the service, which allows access to previously downloaded movies. Apple confirmed with us by email that France was the only country in this batch to receive iTunes in the Cloud for TV shows.

Apple first unveiled iTunes in the Cloud back in 2011, during its WWDC keynote, alongside its iCloud announcement. Initially, the service only supported music. But it wasn’t long before it added support for movies and TV shows. Now, virtually all of your previously purchased iTunes content can be accessed from any device.

That’s if it’s available where you live though. Currently, the United States, Canada, UK and Australia are the only countries to support both movies and TV shows for iTunes in the Cloud. But Apple is trying to change that. Over 80 countries are listed as supporting purchased-movies-over-Cloud, and that list continues to grow.

If you live in one of the above-mentioned countries, or any other for that matter, and you’re seeing new iTunes in the Cloud features, be sure to let us know down in the comments.