Quick Settings concept

André Luis Moreira, an animator who shares a name with a football player from Brazil, posted a video of a concept for an iOS overhaul back in September, which contains a few surprising features. Keep in mind this isn’t a tweak, just a video concept produced with Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere.

The animation focuses on three main concepts for improving iOS. Quick Settings, a pane that collects the most used options from the settings page; App Flow Multitask, which adds a full screen preview to the app switcher panel; and Dynamic Settings, which provides shortcuts that allows users to quickly jump to a specific app’s settings…

The video’s first feature, Quick Settings, will be most familiar to our readers who jailbreak, especially if you use tweaks like SBSettings or NCSettings. The big difference between the concept and these popular tweaks is Quick Settings also integrates the Switcher’s music playback controls along with a scrolling list of toggles. Quick Settings’s toggle list is customizable: you can add and sort toggles as well as links to Settings pages. In the video, the Quick Settings page can be accessed by scrolling all the way to the left in the Switcher tray, while on the Springboard.

The App Flow multitasking concept looks similar to the multitasking cards in WebOS as well as the Dash jailbreak tweak, though it integrates more closely with the native app switcher. I prefer the look of Moreira’s App Flow concept to Dash, and it would be interesting to see in a real tweak.

App Flow Concept

The context-sensitive Dynamic Settings menus are activated by scrolling to the left in the Switcher tray while inside an app. From there, you have instant access to the app’s page in Settings. I could see this feature being especially useful, since switching between an app and its Settings page can be a pain, and I haven’t seen it in a jailbreak tweak yet.

The video also includes other minor features, such as a password to power off, which would be useful to prevent the Find My iPhone service from being disabled. Though if you feel you really need this feature, there’s already a $0.99 tweak called Powerguard.

dynamic settings concept

What do you think of Moreira’s concept video? Tell us which features you’d like to see in the comments section.

[via Reddit]

  • Can’t wait for IOS 6 untethered Jailbreak. So every time I go into IDownloadBlog I see a new tweak.

    • eren

      its not a tweak you noob.

      • Irfan Tarique

        you noob ! he’s not talking about this concept. he’s talking about if the jailbreak is release, a bunch of developers will release new tweaks etc.

      • RarestName

        Ironic comment

    • I follow you… Yes.. I have note and I still look for iOS stuff.. why? because I like iOS.. just like many, but the lack of jailbreak pushed me over… Doesn’t mean I dislike apple.. Doesn’t mean Android is better… It just offered something I wasn’t willing to give up. I wish I had a 5″ iPhone….

      • i wish i had a 50 inch 3d iphone without glasses.maBe 2020??

    • dokt00r

      cant wait for ios 6 jb … waiting for it to upgrade on my ip4s

  • Maybe I’m old school but this is way to messy for me.

    • Too, the idea is great and will be integrated in the futures iOS for sure, but in a simpler manner. I think the appropriate place is over the notification center, we just would have to slide down to reveal those settings and maybe edit the enabled toggles from here as in this concept.

      That should be more “Apple-esque”, I think.

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      ya this is a cool concept but its way to messy, not clean or apple like.

    • It’s actually not that bad once you watch the video a second time… meaning it’ll just take a little bit to get used to. I do agree though that it has to be made a bit simpler..

    • I agree with you looks way to messy for me also.

  • Andre Garrido

    Make a tweak out of this concept!!!!!!

  • Irfan Tarique

    This makes IOS look more complicated than Android.

    • I agree looks so complicated & confusing.

    • Couldnt agree more.. User experience is lost..

    • complicated but awesome
      i would really want it

    • once we start using it will look less complicated

    • dokt00r

      but its a lot more integrated …

  • Someone send this to Tim Cook.

    • ok i will, im just gonna pick up my phone a send him a text containing the URL, okay;)

  • Eric

    Keep dreaming guys IOS will never open up. I realized this last year and just switched to android. Got tired of waiting for a jb.

    • this is I downloadblog, not androiddownloadblog. fuck off with your cheaply made phones and unoptimised apps

      • Not iosblog now is it? It’s lidownloablog to have both OS s

      • This site was called iphonedownload blog it was changed to Idownload blog because of the iPad and the apple tv both of them run iOS, yes they have done a review of a android device, but it was done from a iOS users point of view and what they thought of it ( I think it was Sebastien who did it ) and if I remember correctly he even had to changed the device.
        This is a iOS/ Apple site

      • jilex

        cheaply and unoptimised, but sadly they doesn’t need for a jb, let’s just not act like fans (i have an iPod and an Android) ok man?

      • But they need to root there devices to get 100% pure Android without bloatware.

      • jilex

        that’s in part true, but if you buy the device with i.e. samsung, it will not have bloatware, also if you want the full android experience, with all the last updates and all that, you have to buy a nexus

      • But theyre unrooted… So most of the interesting things need you to void ur garanty and there is not tweaks for android unless you do that

      • You could express yourself a litte bit finer.Jeff should think about to integrate a filter for such words…Many of us here have android phones or tablets.No need to express yourself like a monkey. Jeff also has a Nexus.i also saw some android devices here even if this forum has an “i”.This is not a zoo even if you are a imonkey with cheap and unoptimized answers.But you a lucky.People like monkeys thats why you have many likes.(i am just a funny writer)

      • I did not write this.it was Siri….:-)

      • Why should Jeff use a filter on what is not his site.. Jeff has no control of what get on to this site..
        If you don’t like what is put by another user simple flag it and a moderator will look in to it. If they think that it is inappropriate it will be removed.
        P.s Seb is the owner of this site

    • Fevostone

      .????? You have android phone and ur still looking into iOS and iPhones SAY NO MORE :-/

    • I love how you say ‘never open up’ like you know the plans of Tim Cook and John Ivy. Please tell us oh mighty Eric (with only one comment and two votes), what does Apple have in store for iOS 7 and the new iPhone?

      While you’re at your crystal ball, can you give us next week lotto numbers as well?

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Lmmfao at tht one. Good stuff!

    • Guest

      android sucks why r u on here reading about the iphone if ur shitty android is so great

      • Ben

        Hey, it’s “Guest” again…

  • overdone.

  • this is way too awesome and functional. makes too much sense this would be a “go” for OSX but a “no-go” for iOS. Apple likes the bare bones functionality of iOS. I would die if this concept half way came to pass – it would be awesome!

  • 123

    где скачать?

  • Got to say it looks good watching on a iPhone .. But if only it was a real tweak.. Just need a good Dev to see this and i’am sure it could be done ..

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I wish it was a jailbreak tweak

  • I love it so fantastic

  • I liked the settings being in the notification menu, but that other stuff with the apps would never happen with apple. I probably will never jailbreak again if I can get SBsettings in notification center.

  • Matthew

    I think if Apple were to implement this they would have to change a few things.

  • iDara09

    Axuo, where are you?

    • Damian W

      exactly, i thought the same way…Auxo only looks pretty but when it comes to functionality Auxo is nowhere close to this concept.

      • iDara09

        If Axuo pick up this concept and combine it with original Axuo, to avoid having two separate tweaks, I don’t mind paying for an update.

  • Damian W

    this is what we call BEAUTIFUL and pure Genius. Beyond any expectations…..

    • While I agree with the basics of this, this is what I call messy and overcomplicated. Not in the spirit of Apple at all…..but then again, Apple’s spirit died 18 months ago.

      • Damian W

        to be honest I am craving for complicated things in iOS. I am fed up with a 5 year old system that 2-year olds can use.

      • Oh yeah, I am in love with some of Androids features and the concepts that Windows Mobile 8 (that is what its called, isn’t it) has and yes, iOS seems very 2D which is stuck in 2008/9

        I really am hoping with Ivy leading the team with 2013, we will see a new attitude and a new iOS bringing them back to what they were in 2008 — Industry leaders.

      • …then again, we probably won’t.

  • Looks far too complicated for the average user and I bet it would use a crap load of ram making this obsolete on older devices.

  • M Last

    too much!

  • Awesome but little confusing, however I really like it.

  • jilex

    it really looks good! a change like this is what i’m waiting for, well, there are some issues but the settings, if they where like a page for the NC (like if you scroll down the NC and then swipe left and it appears) it will be awesome, the app flow… well dont have any complain about it, looks good but maybe most of the people aren’t ready for that yet

  • this is a little rough but iphone could definitly use a quick settings feature without jailbreaking. how many iphones have they made so far and still u have to go into the settings for everything. but this would be an awesome tweak if somebody put the time into it. cant wait for the 6.1 jailbreak!

  • Mr.Ocean

    The level of skeumorphism is over 9000!!!

  • This tweak will become a reality as chpwn is currently working in this.

  • jamil

    It is really cool
    And with the facetime I call my frend beauase my frend
    leg isbroking name jordan