Topography for Google Maps

Ryan Petrich is back at it again, this time with a new jailbreak tweak that enables a hidden Topography mode found in the recently released Google Maps app. The tweak, available via Cydia on his beta repo, adds a fourth option to the sidebar featured within Google maps to easily enable Topography.

As it turns out, the Topography Mode enabled via this tweak was already built into the Google Maps app from the get go. Why Google decided to keep the feature disabled in the public release is anyone’s guess, but if you install this tweak, you can easily enable the option.

Check out our full video demonstration inside for more details…

If you’d like to try out the Topography mode in Google Maps, then open Cydia and add Petrich’s beta repo to your sources. His repo is as follows:

Once his repo has been added to Cydia, it’s just a matter of installing the Topography for Google Maps package, which is, of course, free of charge.

Don’t forget that there’s also a tweak available that allows you to set Google Maps as the default maps app on iOS. If you don’t happen to be jailbroken, then check out our 10 tips for getting the most out of Google Maps instead.

What do you think about Google’s decision to hide this mode in the public release of its Maps app? Wise move, or dumb decision?

  • I live near Denver and terrain mode is nice to look at, but not necessary. Off-line maps, on the other hand, would be really nice. Especially since the maps are all vector-based already. And did you know that you can zoom in with one finger by tapping once and then sliding up/down? It’s a great gesture.

    • Not sure if it applies to the new Google Maps app but there’s a Cydia tweak called MapsEnhancer that can save a big block of offline maps data, but it hasn’t been updated in over a year so I don’t know if it works or not. Worth a shot though

      • bw00ds

        Bummer. Maps Enhancer is not yet compatible with iOS 5.

      • Ahh that’s a shame, guess the developer gave up on it. He should sign it off to someone who can actually do something with it.

    • bw00ds

      Thanks for the tip on the gesture, Jeff. I had to figure out that meant tap as in tap and lift the finger and then immediately sliding. It is a great gesture. How did you find out about this one?

  • eh

  • Lobo555

    Meh, i can see why it isn’t a feature is just not that appealing

  • Jeff, get an iPhone 5.

    • iPhone 5 is not jailbreakable yet, he was using his IPhone 4/4s (not sure) to show/explain the jailbreak tweak.

  • Chris Burbank

    Pretty sure the reason it’s there but not enabled is because they don’t have “Labs” available for the iOS version of maps yet. On the android version of the app you have to go into Labs and turn it on (aka it’s beta).