Not sure whether or not you saw Samsung’s TV ad starring Santa and Mrs. Claus where the characters share their sex tape using “the magic of S Beam on the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II”.

I know it’s a rehash of Samsung’s earlier (and pretty funny) take on a sex tape exchange between a guy and his wife. Let’s be clear – I have absolutely no problem with sex in advertising, but that’s a preposterous thing to air as we head into Christmas.

Just what exactly are kids supposed to think after being exposed to such a dramatized sexual innuendo involving their childhood hero? Seriously, what’s next? A sexting Santa commercial? Thanks for ruining my childhood, Samsung!

The commercial was posted to YouTube last week (via Gizmodo).

Good ol’ Sammy didn’t stop there, their holiday playlist on YouTube contains another clip that pokes fun of Santa.

Other ads are nicer. This one, for example, works much better.

I saved the best for last: it makes a clever use of the beautiful art of Kirigami.

Finally, this is the original sex-induced sharing ad from last month, dubbed Work Trip.

As much as some folks – myself included – may criticize these ads for being in bad taste, Samsung’s marketing has certainly sent the tongues wagging all over again, no?

Let’s revisit Christmas 2011 when Apple aired this puritan holiday ad.

And Best Buy’s FaceTime and Santa commercial from three weeks ago.

So, is Samsung’s holiday campaign appropriate for the Christmas spirit?

  • God, I KNEW it was going to be you who wrote this. It’s funny, stop trying to find stupid ways to bash Samsung.

    • Obsidian71

      Samsung is such an easy target though.

    • Lordthree

      Don’t like it? Go blog about it yourself elsewhere

      • I wouldn’t, it’s not significant enough to write about. Why not talk about things that actually matter between Samsung and Apple like features or actual news?

      • Because I’m fed up with litigation news, Christmas is coming and I actually care what the children are exposed to on television.

      • I want to believe you…but there are much worse things on television than an ad with a sexual innuendo. It’s the tone of this article and others that has me convinced that’s not your true intent. Sorry, bro.

      • MagicDrumSticks

        Kids these days know what dildos are. The world is moving forward in a sexual direction. It’s who we are as a species, you can’t prevent it

      • Like being exposed to Samsung? :>

    • Jerry

      lol the bashing of christians blog entries cracks me up. I never put much mind to it until recently.

    • umadbro? This is called ‘non-professional advertising.’ Sammy has to find a way to poke fun at someone else to get noticed, first those immature Apple ads, ‘It doesn’t take a genius’, ‘next big thing already here’ and ‘oops, should have got a Samsung gs3’. Now Santa Claus, an important figure in the eyes of all american kids. Please don’t spout garbage if you have no idea what is going on or have not even read the article.

      • Ha. I read the article and watched all of the videos. Kids aren’t going to understand the reference. It’s frustrating to see all these articles totally bashing anything not apple, even things as insignificant as ads. I guess that’s what I get for going to an Apple specific site.

      • It is agreeable that in an Apple specific site there will be slight bias, but that’s life, Fox news does the same. Kids may not understand the reference, but it is to draw humor and attention, which Sammy failed miserably at, terrible commercial to sell a phone.

      • I will agree about the genius ones…you don’t win people to your side by attacking their intelligence.

      • There’s a difference between petty jabs at competition and portraying a popular fictional character behaving in an uncharacteristic fashion

  • DJ Garcia

    Childhood = Fucking ruined o.O

  • Obsidian71

    Sick bastards

  • DJ Garcia

    It just … wor(cough) DISTURBING o.o

  • I actually like that camera feature of taking group pictures. How’s its real world reliability and consistency? I’m not very confident from my past Samsung experience…

    • RarestName

      Blackberry 10 has a similar feature and it uses a video feature rather than face detection. Looks pretty cool for people who use their phones to take family photographs.

  • seyss

    That feature is just cool. I often feel ashamed I can’t Bluetooth/NFC a picture I just took to a friend’s phone

    • Lordthree

      Bump App, email, or SMS

      • There’s also Photo Stream and Dropbox and other apps…


        This site is turning more and more into bgr. I own an iPhone 4s btw. Not that the people commenting here care but I also USED to frequent bgr. I don’t anymore

      • seyss

        it is far from being the same experience.
        in your case you have to download an app.. your friend probably won’t have it.
        plus email requires 3G.. sms charges you..

        stop trying to protect apple at all costs. I love my iPhone but this just SUCKS

      • Lordthree

        Bump is a common app for people to have. It’s been out since the beginning of the App store. Where do you think sammy stole the idea from?
        Just cause you have to download an app doesn’t make it any less user friendly. Easier to download Bump than to buy a plastic android phone.

      • You’re aware that S Beam sharing only works between Samsung’s latest Galaxy devices, no? On the other hand, there’s always Wi-Fi Direct and Android Beam for other Android phones.

    • Falk M.

      For pictures there is Bump.
      For videos… well… there’s nothing afaik, nothing that works so quickly at least.

    • This is one of the topics that make Apple fans most embarrassed, I’d imagine. It’s not that able cannot implement Bluetooth file transfer, but there is no the file system per se on iOS devices. Though that’s not exculpate Apple from failing to at least implement photo transfer over Bluetooth. I imagine they’re working on a much more comprehensive way to share your stuff over short distances (NFC + ad hoc WiFi Direct or similar), hence the delay

    • RarestName

      *cough* AirBlue Sharing *cough*

  • As a S2 owner, I even found this kinda gross.

  • Falk M.

    Childhood ruined?

    I can’t even begin to express how ridiculously oversensitive that is. :/

  • i loved the original

  • Jonathan

    blast these adverts all you want, but I really really really wish sharing things between iOS devices (and iOS Mac) was that simple.

    Currently the quickest way to get an image from my iPhone to my iPad is to tweet it to myself, provided I have WiFi for my iPad. (I could use Bump, but my school WiFi hates it, and it’s 3rd party and only works with photos and contacts). Really sharing things between devices should be done P2P and not rely on the internet.

    Come on Apple how hard would it be to implement AirDrop on iOS?

    • Agreed. Hopefully, there are indications that such a feature could be in the works…

    • Why tweet instead of using iMessage?

      • Jonathan

        iMessage is blocked at my school, and still it is slower than tweeting. iPhone is clever enough to use cellular for iMessage when I’m connected at school, but my iPad is WiFi only. And still transferring files and images over the internet between 2 devices sitting right next to each other is ridiculous.

        I literally just want a button in the share or open in menu that says “send to device” and then it’s sent. nothing more, nothing less. Even picking up the phone and bumping them together is not useful. It’s quicker just to tap on a button, and less interruption.

  • Jerry

    is their a iPhone app that lets you choose the best smiles in the picture before finalizing it like in the commercial? that’s pretty cool but highly doubt its perfect.

  • Muhammad

    And I quote: “if you want porn, get an android” Steve jobs

  • oh damn, samsung bashing on an apple blog…where is journalistic integrity going!!!!! get over it….enjoy america’s freedom…to do what we want and trash who we want…lol

  • I have to say, the iPhone 4S ad of 2011 is actually a really good ad. It’s straight to the point and added a nice holiday touch. The Samsung ads are pretty crap because they make a terrible impression on people (the ad with santa falling down the stairs). The photo ad one with the fighting kids, that looks like a pretty cool app/feature.

  • notewar way to share porn..i loved it

  • thats very naughty!!!!!

  • If it was Apple you’d be applauding their wit