Here’s Samsung’s Christmas ad that will ruin your childhood

Not sure whether or not you saw Samsung’s TV ad starring Santa and Mrs. Claus where the characters share their sex tape using “the magic of S Beam on the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II”.

I know it’s a rehash of Samsung’s earlier (and pretty funny) take on a sex tape exchange between a guy and his wife. Let’s be clear – I have absolutely no problem with sex in advertising, but that’s a preposterous thing to air as we head into Christmas.

Just what exactly are kids supposed to think after being exposed to such a dramatized sexual innuendo involving their childhood hero? Seriously, what’s next? A sexting Santa commercial? Thanks for ruining my childhood, Samsung!

The commercial was posted to YouTube last week (via Gizmodo).

Good ol’ Sammy didn’t stop there, their holiday playlist on YouTube contains another clip that pokes fun of Santa.

Other ads are nicer. This one, for example, works much better.

I saved the best for last: it makes a clever use of the beautiful art of Kirigami.

Finally, this is the original sex-induced sharing ad from last month, dubbed Work Trip.

As much as some folks – myself included – may criticize these ads for being in bad taste, Samsung’s marketing has certainly sent the tongues wagging all over again, no?

Let’s revisit Christmas 2011 when Apple aired this puritan holiday ad.

And Best Buy’s FaceTime and Santa commercial from three weeks ago.

So, is Samsung’s holiday campaign appropriate for the Christmas spirit?