Consumer electronics retailer Best Buy is airing an interesting new television commercial 100 percent dedicated to Apple products found at its outlets. The ad is titled “Gifts That Do: Finding Santa” and depicts a retail employee telling a kid that he can do pretty much everything with Apple products, including reaching Santa over FaceTime…

Best Buy last week had a one-day sale of the third-generation iPad, shaving $50 off and throwing in a $75 gift card. They also offer a 15 percent discount on iTunes Gift Cards,Ā amountingĀ to a $15 saving on the priciest $100 iTunes Gift Card.

iPod modelsĀ and other Apple products are also being offered with various discounts.

Price-conscious shoppers are advised to also take a look at refurbished Apple products at Best Buy and especially over at eBay, which recently started offering certified Apple refurbs.