Google Maps is back on iOS, but there’s just one problem — Apple’s stock maps app still remains default, so all of your maps links will open in Apple’s version instead of Google’s.

Thankfully, we knew it was only a matter of time before a jailbreak solution appeared to skirt around this issue. That solution is called MapsOpener — a brand new jailbreak tweak that forces maps links to open up in Google Maps…

Once installed, MapsOpener will open any maps link from a browser in Google Maps instead of the stock Apple Maps app. It even works with links to directions, planning out a route upon opening the link.

One thing I noticed that can be improved, is the handling of address links contained within the Contacts app. Whereas the stock Apple Maps app handles those as you might expect, the Google Maps app doesn’t provide the location of an address opened via the Contacts app.

Despite that one small discrepancy, MapsOpener is a great way for jailbroken iOS users to use Google Maps more effectively. Until Apple allows us to select our own default apps for certain actions, then jailbreak tweaks like this one are our only options.

If you’d like to give MapsOpener a try, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it can be had for free. Be sure to let me know what you think about it in the comment section that follows.

  • john


  • Muhammad

    Now just need a jailbreak for iPhone 5

    • nftnft

      Does this work with Siri?

      • Brúnó Nagy

        Siri! Please jailbreak yourself!

  • Beto

    It won’t work on my iphone 4

    • The new google maps is laggy on iPhone 4 anyway. This is only suitable for speedy devices

      • Ben Martinez-Garcia

        It worked fine on my iPhone 4 and my Google Mapps App is not laggy at all

  • SimonReidy

    “Until Apple allows us to select our own default apps for certain actions”

    Do people think this will ever happen? (not being sarcastic – I’m asking seriously). I used to think Apple never would, but I think the pressure is mounting for them to do so. Android’s “intent” system makes so much more sense for both the developer and the user, as you can easily set up your preferred clients for every action. Developers don’t need to add specific support for 3rd party software like they do on iOS, as the “hooks” are already there for any program to use. To me this is one of the most compelling aspects of Android and I’ve nearly switched from iOS a couple of times because of it.

    Apple wouldn’t even need to go all the way with default app choice. I was thinking they could do something like only allow certified apps to replace defaults (to make sure they past stringent compatibility tests and don’t cause operational problems for the user). i,e When you go the to the App Store, you could have a “certified mail clients” section and the same with web browsers. And there must always be a clear option to “restore phone to default programs” with one click.

    In addition, iOS surely must eventually have the ability to add plugins like Instapaper and Pocket directly to your browser of choice, rather than have to run clunky javascript bookmarks to save articles for later, or share to different networks etc.

    Personally I think Apple’s insistence on keeping you in their own sub-par apps (lets face it, most of them are looking dated and are missing critical features) is hurting iOS overall. I hate Apple Mail, so why should I be forced to use it? Same goes with Safari ,Calendar and Apple Maps.

    Its not like you cant change default programs on a Mac, so why do Apple so fiercely and selfishly limit our options so much on mobile?

    • Dan

      I agree 100%. If Apple were to give us a bit more liberty with things like this, it would go a long way in getting back some of the customers they lost to android.

    • rain111

      +1, your points are all valid and I totally agree with them.

    • goofygreek

      Would be nice, but i dont think it will happen. Thats one of many reasons i switched to android a while ago. Every thing you do on android can be set to have a default program. whether your clicking on a phone number, calendar link, maps link, web link, each and every option can have its own default program. And, i have a feeling that if apple puts this in ios, android fans are going to say something like, “oh, apple had to copy android with default programs too.”

    • Ace

      Didn’t read LOL

  • Taz

    I didn’t find MapsOpener in BigBoss repo!

    • You need to wait for the black bar at the top of Cydia to disappear. Refresh under the Changes tab if it doesn’t appear when you open the app.

      • Taz

        I got it. Black bar dosnt run automatically. I went change section and pushed the reload button at right top. Then I found MapsOpener in BigBoss =))

  • The Contacts app issue is a known bug – we’re working on a fix and it’ll be in BigBoss soon.

    • Taz

      MapsOpener doesnt work for me. I use tethered JB
      for 6.0.1. When I try to open any map from google search main page, it try to open new google map page, not google maps app!

  • The tweak opens the Google Maps app when I click on an address, but it doesn’t enter it into the map. It just opens to my current location. Running iOS 5 on iPhone 4.

  • seyss

    iDB going back to its roots.. great videos on JB tweaks!

  • clickchuot

    Where can i download respring app like that ?

  • PathKiller29

    “open from contacts”

  • Justin Stein

    Did anyone realize that he was using iOS 5 on Google maps?…..

  • jason b

    I just installed MapsOpener. Im having the opposite problem. Contacts open in google maps, but when i click a link from Urbanspoon, im taken to the online version of google maps????


    I had Mapsopener working very nicely on iphone 4 with ios 6.1. Then, it just stopped.

    I downloaded the My Places app. Would this have anything to do with it?

  • Omar Garfio

    Is there a tweak to switch the default twitter client to another one on the iPhone?

  • kriket

    Why Evernote for iPhone still uses Apple Maps even with this tweak installed? Would reinstalling Evernote help?

  • ayhmdnowaz

    It never worked with my iPhone 4S though I have Google Maps, Jail broken phone and Map Opener tweak.