Last week, Apple sent out invitations for a media event to take place on Tuesday, October 23. It’s widely believed that the company is going to use the presser to unveil its long-rumored iPad mini tablet, and a few other new products.

The event will be held in the California Theatre located in downtown San Jose, California. And as you can see, Apple has already started prepping the building…

TechieBuzz (via MacRumors) has posted a gallery of photos tonight from the outside of the Theatre that show decorations matching the art on the media invitations. Not much can be gleaned from the pictures, but it’s kind of cool to see the inside of the venue.

But even more interesting is the venue itself. Instead of opting for a more traditional location, like Yerba Buena, or its own Town Hall, Apple chose to use an 80 year-old movie theatre. Why did it pick this specific building out of all of California?

As for announcements, Apple is widely expected to unveil a 7.85-inch iPad, as well as a new Retina MacBook Pro and updated Mac desktops. And there’s also been talk of a retooled third generation iPad and iBooks 3.0 making an appearance.

The festivities kick off at 10am PST on Tuesday, October 23. There won’t be a live stream of the keynote, but as always, you can catch all of the action here on iDB.

  • Can’t wait for the event and see what they going to announce.
    I really hope they will release next version iOS

    • Deylan Kilic-Aidani

      lol, they won’t release the next version of iOS until WWDC 2013! I too am excited though!

      • I know, What I mean is iOS 6.0.1 or iOS 6.1 😛

      • that’s called a patch level (6.0.1) or minor release (6.1)

      • Sorry , didn’t know that
        Thanks for letting me know 🙂

    • Well_Said

      You couldn’t be that silly

  • Can anybody recommend a site that offers a good live ticker? I like what iDB posts but would like some clean quotes live

    • cruzcontrol1001

      The Verge
      Ars Technica
      Bits Blog

  • I hope they release the
    iPhone 5S.

  • Ants

    I love Apples subtle little hints. The bigger apple shrinks down to a mini apple

    • or it’s a an smaller apple growing! let’s say ipod touch getting a 3 inch overhaul

  • iPad mini will be in colors…