If you just purchased an iPhone 5, then you know first hand how much smaller the new Nano SIM is when compared to the already diminutive Micro SIM it replaces.

But what if you want to use the new Nano SIM in an older phone, like the iPhone 4, or the iPhone 4S? Obviously you can’t just stick it in there.

Your best option is to purchase an adapter that can be cheaply had on Amazon for $1.99. That’s exactly what I did, and here’s the video to prove it.

The package I purchased included the following:

  • Nano SIM to Micro SIM adapter
  • Nano SIM to Standard SIM adapter
  • Micro SIM to Standard SIM adapter
  • Micro SIM adapter cutout
  • Nano SIM adapter cutout
  • Nano SIM cutout

Seeing as I don’t own any mobile phones outside of the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5, I’m not sure if any other phone still uses the large Standard SIM card, but apparently so, because this package included two adapters specifically designed for phones with Standard SIM slots.

The most important part of the package for recent iPhone owners is the Nano SIM to Micro SIM adapter. That’s the adapter that will allow you to use a Nano SIM in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

It’s really not rocket science or anything; you simply take the Nano SIM, place it in the Micro SIM adapter, and place your newly created Micro SIM into the Micro SIM card tray.

If you’re an AT&T iPhone 5 user, then you’ll be able to take the Nano SIM out of your iPhone 5, and use that SIM to enable AT&T service on your older iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, etc. If you have an iPhone 3GS, 3G, or 2G, then you can use the Standard SIM adapter.

The included cutouts are templates that you can use to trim existing SIMs to fit specifications – handy if you’re trying to cut down an existing Micro or Standard SIM down to Nano SIM size.

I ordered my adapter back on September 29th, and it arrived Friday, October 4th. The package came shipped in an unsuspecting white envelope, and the product was contained in a small sealable baggie. The presentation was about as bare bones as it gets, but for something this small, there’s really no need to go all out with shipping, packaging, and such.

The most important thing about the Nano SIM adapter is that everything fits as designed. Unfortunately, since I switched to Verizon service with my iPhone 5 purchase, I’m not able to 100% verify that it works. I tried placing my Verizon Nano SIM into my iPhone 4S, which is technically a world phone, but it wouldn’t work. I’m pretty sure something needs to be activated on Verizon’s end for it to pick up the signal, but didn’t bother going through the trouble. If this were an AT&T SIM card, I’m pretty confident that it would have just worked.

If you’d like to have your very own Nano SIM adapter, then head over to Amazon, and pick one up on the cheap. The one I purchased can be had for less than five bucks plus shipping. You might never need it, but this is a good thing to have in your tool chest for those “just in case” scenarios, don’t you think?

  • Joseph Koh

    Do you get LTE for iPhone 4S? I know it is not hardware compatible but will there be at least a faster cellular speed?

  • why would anyone use nano sim inside iphone 4? when you buy phone you get sim with it, if not, they replace old one for new phone

    • Umm, you have a problem with your iPhone 5 (stops working, is dropped, etc), so you pull its nano sim, place it in an adapter and insert into your previous phone (iPhone 4s, 4, etc.) — while you decide whether to have iPhone 5 repaired, replaced, or wait for the iPhone 6.

    • I think some people got the iPhone 5 in their family plan but then they plan to sell it for profit. Since the nano-sim is already activated, but the old phone can only take nano-sim or micro-sim then you need this adapter, or purchase a new sim card and transfer the # over.

    • titi

      I have a new phone and a old one. I go abroad on Holiday and I need to purchase a temp simcard. I can use the temp simcard on my new phone and my simcard on the old phone.

  • Yes! I was hoping for something like this! Now if I need to, I can use my jail broken 4S for free hot spot for my iPad. That’s really the thing I miss most. AT&T can screw themselves if they think I’ll ever pay extra to use my limited data the way I freaking want to.

  • Yuri

    Thanks I just got this



  • What is the benefit for using this in an iPhone 4S?

  • I am having trouble sending MMS when using my nano sim in iPhone 4S. Any Solutions?

    • Does anyone have trouble sending MMS when using nano sim in iPhone 4S?

      • Thesauce05

        I can’t send mms either in my iPhone 4 after putting in the nano sim.

  • Vijay Singh

    Can I use my iPhone 5 SIM into my iPad 3 using this adapter?

  • Jones

    Thanks for this video..

  • Has any other Android phone makers followed Apple’s nanoSIM stupidity? What exactly is the benefit of changing from Micro to Nano? Aside from creating difficulty for consumers? I doubt if Android phone makers will follow because it makes no sense

  • Mobile Etats Unis

    Thanks For The Sharing Information……

  • Veronica Hill

    Well done Jeff great blog. Had my iphone5 stolen on Saturday. O2 sending me a nano sim, but just want to get a cheaper iphone now, as will still be paying for my latest iphone5 on my contract for 18 months :-(( so at least I can go for a cheaper iphone option and still use the sim O2 will send me – you did a great, easy explanation – thanks.

  • Rash

    Yes, when you upgrade from iphone 4/4s to 5+ than nano sim get replaced and free. But, I rather have nano sim in ihpone 4/4s and when i upgrade to iphone 5+ than I just plug-in nano sim from current iphone 4/4s. Apple should have provided a tray which fits iphone 4/4s but takes nano sim and if anyone wants that tray than just pay some money. or even 3rd party accessories manufacturer should have done it. These plastic conversion adapters do get stuck inside ruining your iphone. Nano sim tray for iphone 4/4s would have been perfect.