A new jailbreak tweak was recently released, and it allows you to use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard on your iPad or iPhone.

Although it may seem inherently wrong to choose mouse control over touch control, it’s a killer tweak for writers who prefer to use an external Bluetooth keyboard.

Sometimes I use a Bluetooth keyboard to type documents with Pages, and it always throws me off a bit when I have to reach out and touch the screen. I’ve found that having a mouse along for the ride makes composing an article much easier.

Take a look inside, as I delve into the features of BTC Mouse & Trackpad on video…

BTC Mouse & Trackpad works with pretty much any Bluetooth mouse and keyboard you can throw at it. The developer notes that it works with any Bluetooth HID compatible mouse or trackpad, so it’s no surprise that it worked flawlessly with my Apple Magic Mouse and my Targus keyboard.

As far as settings go, there are options to adjust the speed of the mouse cursor, as well as enable Presentation mode — a feature that assigns right and left clicks to swipes on the screen. Presentation mode is perfect for controlling Keynote presentations, forScore, Photos, etc.

Speaking of the left and right mouse buttons, outside of presentation mode, the left button acts as a normal touch on the screen, while the right button mimics the press of the iPhone or iPad’s Home button. If you click and hold down the left button, it acts as a tap and hold on the screen. In the same manner, if you double press the right button, you’ll bring up the app switcher.

If you happen to have a mouse that features a scroll wheel, then you can use it to navigate Springboard pages, or simulate pinch to zoom in apps that support it.

As the name of the tweak suggests, it also plays nice with trackpads, such as Apple’s Magic Trackpad. Sadly, gestures are not yet supported, so anything that requires multitouch won’t work without using your hands on the screen.

Sometimes connecting Bluetooth devices can be bit finicky, but I experienced minimal issues with BTC Mouse & Trackpad. In fact, the developer boasts that the tweak features “automatic reconnect”, so that you can just pick up your mouse where you left off.

To connect a device, head over to iOS’ built in Bluetooth settings, and there you’ll notice new options specifically designed for BTC Mouse & Trackpad. There’s an overall kill switch, a packet logger, and the normal Devices section where the pairing of devices takes place. Pairing a mouse or trackpad is more of less the same as pairing any other Bluetooth device.

Even better is the fact that the tweak is fully integrated with iOS Bluetooth, so you can continue using peripherals like headsets, while at the same time take advantage of mouse and keyboard control.

If controlling your iPad with a mouse sounds like a road you’d like to travel down, then by all means check out BTC Mouse & Trackpad. It works just as advertised, and will set you back a mere $4.98 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. As a bonus for loyal customers, if you’ve already purchased BTstack Keyboard, then you get this tweak for 50% off.

Are you planning on giving BTC Mouse & Trackpad a shot? Sound off in the comments below.

  • I think that is extremely cool.

  • I think apple should make this possible for the iPad because I have had that same kind of bother where I wish I had a mouse to use on my iPad when typing in pages

    • Tori

      It would work a dream to remotely connect to virtual machines

  • Can you play shooing games?

    • ic0dex

      Exactly what I wanted to know. Jeff can you please try playing a game like Dead Trigger and see if the mouse works on it?

      • everyone wants a proper controller or games on IOS and apple refuses/.. and refuses to release the damn APIs for third party manufactures

      • Rogerssss

        You can play with your ps3 controller if you already own onwe…..just download bluetrol and blue stack or search on how to that on the net its a real solution for this mess

      • Gorgonphone

        Yes i have done that and its an okay solution but still glitch especially with the direction analog controls in most games …. But apple has opened up the APIs in ios 7 for all games to support contolers so game maers can encode properly now

  • Now I’m only missing an update which makes it work with a PS3 controller. How awesome would that be?

    • Great palying mosern combat wow amazing

    • apple needs to hurry up and make a gaming controller.. ii don’t see why the refuse tok do something so obvious.

    • you can control your games with a wiimote, an icade controller, a BTkeyboard, and with a number of other controllers with the blutrol cydia tweak. I don’t think the ps3 controller works yet but support is probably going to be added soon (I hope).

      • theres no such tweak as blucontrol

      • Rogerssss

        Its not bluecontrol its called blutrul

      • Rogerssss


  • What’s wrong with BTStack Mouse?

  • pretty nifty!

  • Why do all cool things require jailbreaking? >:|

    • Fuck you

      Exactly. You are the smartest person on this site. Jailbreaking MAKES the iPhone!

    • JomanJi

      Cuz apple are “you must have what we want” people. They don’t like customization! So that’s y u should jailbreak 🙂

    • Dan

      because it’s not android

    • cause apple sucks

  • Great innovativemust have!

  • chjode

    Very, very cool. Nice video, Jeff.

  • One word..
    Minecraft! Lolol

  • I don’t have a Bluetooth mouse, Mine is the logitech wireless mouse but it needs the usb thingy in order to work

  • Bob

    I like jeff’s ipad dock thingy, anyone know what its called?

    • I was thinking the same. Jeff, what’s the iPad stand your using?

    • I wanna know too! Pretty cool

  • This is great

  • Fahad AlMaamari

    This is a great tweak especially when using Pages, Keynote and Numbers

  • tristan

    Does this work together with the beekeyboard tweak?

  • hell0san

    Doesn’t anyone remember Mattias Ringwald’s bt stack mouse tweak? It’s free as far as I remember although it is a bit more limited, but there’s always activator.

    • billprof

      He is the same developer for this one too. But this one is integrated into the ios and provides more functions than to other.

  • NO

  • JomanJi

    Or just get MouseHelper for free?

  • DomPerignon1

    lol. I understand the use of a keyboard, but a MOUSE on an iPad doesn’t make too much sense to me.

  • Gucciipad

    Anybody try this with the apple trackpad? Does it work well?

    • Yes, it recognizes the trackpad, but it does not recognize gestures. Without gestures, the trackpad simply becomes a slab of metal. You must have a button mouse to get any good use from this tweek.

      • Gucciipad

        Ok Ty

  • Which brand is that ipad holder? Looks really cool

  • Ginger

    Downloaded from xsellize but cant activate. Anybody knows how??

    • Dan

      Buy the tweak from the developer and you won’t have any trouble pirate.

      • lol

      • billprof

        Not all of us have access to credit cards. If you can help him just do if not not, just don’t say anything.

      • Dan

        Are you kidding me? If I follow your line of thinking, people who don’t have access to cash can just walk into a store and pickup whatever they want and leave without paying? Theft is theft. He doesn’t deserve help.

      • billprof

        You are talking like you’ve not installed cracked apps before. Do you know the story in the Bible that talks about some men who wanted to stone a prostitute and Jesus came to her aid? Don’t act as if you’ve not installed cracked apps before. We’re all guilty. So if you can help just help, if not just let him be. SHARING IS CARING. 🙂

      • JohnMiller2013

        Look at the footnotes in your Bible – that story is not present in the earliest manuscripts. But if you accept is as authoritative nonetheless, read the passage again, where Jesus says “Go your way, and from now on do not sin again.” (NRSV)

        I think Dan’s point could be better understood with an analogy of a software shop. If you made a living as the owner of a small software shop, and people who decide they can’t afford your software just walk in saying “SHARING IS CARING” and walk off with your goods, you might not be so supportive of them.

  • great for use with the clam case

  • what is the name of the dock that Jeff got the ipad holding to ?

  • Irfan Tarique

    Does scrolling work?

  • Bob

    Thanks bro!

  • sam445


  • Dipin Samuel

    I have the magic mouse, but I can’t get the scrolling to work :/

  • Great jeff,,,

  • zagonep

    This is old news you could use btstack mouse and keyboard 2 years ago

  • Deborah Hymes

    Jeff, you are AWE. SOME. And then some. 😉

    I’m a writer and I’ve been impatiently waiting (for a very long time!) for my tech to catch up with my needs. I waited (forever!) for the iPad 3 so that I could get the storage and the screen quality I wanted.

    Then I backed the Brydge keyboard for iPad on Kickstarter, and it finally arrived this week. The keyboard (with built-in speakers) is the main element of turning my iPad 3 into an awesome productivity device. The main apps that support my work are OnLive Desktop (full MS Office suite for iPad, including flash-enabled Explorer) and AudioNote which allows me to record meetings, interviews, etc. while taking notes.

    But I really need a mouse to work as quickly and efficiently as on a regular laptop. I’m so excited to find your post about how to do this! I’ve ordered a bluetooth mouse and will try the jailbreak thing as soon as it arrives. I’ve never even heard of this before!

    I’m thiiiiiiis close to having a small, lightweight, fully functional device that I can use for travel, meetings, etc. and leave the MacBook Pro on my desk. Thank you thank you thank you. YOU ROCK. 😉

    Deborah Hymes

  • Happytodd

    I bought Btstack Keyboard with the use of BT mouse about a year a go now. I’m tempted to purchase this new tweak as I have noticed if I were to click and drag on the mouse, then type something, my device would cancel the input of the mouse or vise versa.

    Hopefully because of this tweak both devices will be running using the native Bluetooth stack. On top of that you can use a tweak called Blutrol which helps you emulate games using a Bluetooth keyboard on your iDevice!

  • Its cool, but heck, if you wanted a mouse and keyboard, why didnt you just get a pc

  • Sean Asmus

    I purchased an HP x4000b BT mouse and am having difficulty getting it to connect using the jailbroken app. Anyone have success using this mouse?

    • George Lentz

      Did you ever get this mouse to work?? I’m having same problem.

      • kabomber

        same here, iphone 5s iOS 7.0.2

      • George Lentz

        Finally got it to work by taking batteries out for about an hour. Once I put the batteries back in everything worked

      • kabomber

        I had to install a bluetooth stack mouse thing then swtich back to ios bluetooth. I think the developer fixed it in a patch now though.

  • femi

    this is not working with ipad3

  • Paul Van Natten

    I just noticed that i have this installed, just the BTC PacketLogger part, and idk what that is anyway… Or how it ever got there…

  • Arilo Mejia

    Love my bt mouse Great job, but I would like IOS7 support 🙂

  • Ilikedahrice

    Is this illegal ? if it isnt i would totally do it.but does the iPad HAVE to be jail broken?

    • JohnMiller2013

      It’s not illegal, but it does require jailbreaking.

  • Ilikedahrice

    and does it work with roblox.. yeahi know im 13 but im just wondering

  • 9to5Slavery

    iOS 8 support?

  • คนบ้า

    ซื้อมาใช้ แล้วไม่เห็นจะใช้ได้เลย

  • Xavier Boileau

    Thank you for this article. My Apple mouse works fine with my iPad 2 under iOS 9.0.2 but I have a problem with the cursor which covers only a share of the screen, especially it doesn’t want to scroll to the right. Thank you in advance for your useful help.

  • Paul Orbinson

    I have a new Ipad Air 2 and like all my apple stuff a mouse enhances the product. I am getting tired of apple taking the p-ss , have they not had enough of my hard earned cash.? Do they want blood?
    Come on apple your putting me off buying from you again, you have to relent. The market is advancing too fast for you to rely on your “quality” I mean no one wants to pay thru the nose for a quality product that cant be enhanced cheaply and upgraded at a later date, and yet this is what you expect.