As expected, Apple has released iOS 6 this morning. After months of seeding beta versions of the new software to developers, it has finally made the update available to the public.

iOS 6 is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, and it adds over 200 new features to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. But there are a few things you should know before you update.

Note:Β If you’re not seeing iOS 6 yet, don’t worry. It’s a rolling update, so it will get to you eventually. Also, downloads might be running slow right now given Apple’s servers are slammed…

>>> Download iOS 6

What’s new in iOS 6

As aforementioned, the iOS 6 update includes hundreds of new features. But you’ll have to do some deep digging to find most of them. Unlike last year’s iOS 5 update, iOS 6 doesn’t contain much in the way of significant additions.

What’s gone in iOS 6

How often do you use the Google Maps and YouTube apps? Because once you update, they’ll disappear. Apple has replaced Google Maps with its own mapping software, and YouTube has released a standalone application to replace itself.

Other things to know

There are a few other things to consider before you update. For one, iOS 6 has not been successfully jailbroken yet. So if you’re jailbroken, stay away from iOS 6 for now. Also, not all the new features will be available on all devices.

The update should be available via both OTA (over the air update) and through iTunes. We have all the links to iOS firmwares on our Downloads page. For OTA, just open your Settings app and go to General > Software Update to install.

As always, remember to backup your device before you update.

So, who’s updating to iOS 6 today?

  • I’m on iOS 6 GM should I update ? (Update doesn’t Show up on my iPhone 4S on iOS 6 GM but it shows up on my iPad on iOS 5.1.1 btw sorry for my poor English)

  • Available now in the Philippines! 599mb for iPhone 4. I’ll wait for the jailbreak πŸ™‚

  • I won’t update unless a jailbreak is there for ios 6 A5.

    • So it finely let me updated to iOS6 but from my PC but my phone lost all my apps and restored it back to the way it was before i jailbroke my phone …can i jailbreak it again while having iOS6?

  • Sumit Uppal

    I already downloaded the ios 6, it works like charm. I am from India.
    Here is simple trick to get the Update message.
    1) First Update the itunes to 10.7
    2) Connect the device compatible to ios 6
    3) Itunes opens automatically when device connected.
    4) open ‘HELP’ tab and further click on ‘Check for Updates’.
    5) It will show you have latest Itunes and Just after you click OK !!!!!!
    Bingo!!! You will get message for ios 6 update. Enjoy!!!! Love you all.

  • OMG!! πŸ™
    First time it stopped at 90% of downloading
    Second time at 75% πŸ™

    stuppid “error occured” πŸ™

  • Is it possible to tell when an untethered jailbreak will be out?

    • No

      • Short and simple. Like your penis

      • You really are a cock aren’t you… I gave you the most direct answer you can ask for and you come back with grief ..

      • Sorry, it was a joke.

  • Lolhaha

    All i want to know is if gevey sim works with ios6? Anyone?

  • genXhippie

    I sold my 4iPS ($450) over a week ago, so it’s not an issue. But, my iPad 3 won’t touch this update, until it’s jailbroken.

  • It works smooth!

  • So have been trying to update OTA for my iPad2 (jailbroken) and it’s errored out at the end, maybe 4-5 times now. Searching online showed one comment (from back in March) that one cannot update iOS OTA when jailbroken..that we must use iTunes. I’m doing that now (downloading is SLOW, either way). Just looking to confirm this point? If so…truly wish this had been pointed out in all the “let’s prepare for iOS 6” articles that came out.. Thanks

  • iPadman333

    I am updating as we speak!! Super excited to see the new features including Siri on the iPad 3 πŸ™‚

  • johnathan

    downloaded.. now i need a charger, i dont have enough battery:/

  • now everybody is updating to ios 6 full version but I am stuck on latest beta. My UDID was only added to developer’s account so I waS able to get beta but could not get GM version and I couldn’t restore back to 5.1.1 ( could be because my itune is latest) . is there anyone could help me?

  • Got it on the east coast of the US. Location Services seems to be hosed, though. I’m in Philadelphia but all my devices say I’m in Normal, IL. πŸ™

    UPDATE: Okay, seems to be working properly now that I changed locations. Still concerning though. It knew where I was when I was in that other place before…

  • if i update to ios6 well it delete something

  • Why cant I delete my Jailbreak on iOS 5.1.1 to upgrade to IOS 6!!!
    – I have try restoring my iPad
    – also restoring my iPad using my windows pc.

  • CashDolla83

    Downloaded and installed ios 6 but now my phone refuses to connect to wifi…I checked on twitter and its a gang of people complaining about the same thing,anyone here having this problem also?

    • Nabil A Swileh

      fix! Settings > Wi-Fi > (Network…) >
      Scroll down to the bottom of the screen & set:
      HTTP Proxy to Auto

  • Appletiser

    why do folk update THEN search the net finding out if other’s have had issues? would it not be wiser to wait a little, find out if there are any problems, then update knowing the risks and if there are any fixes?

  • Roy Chdid

    it looks like updating isn’t working. I restored and it updated

  • Pdgrig

    I have an iPhone 4. I am wondering if anyone knows how ios6 will run on the iPhone 4? I have noticed that with each new update my phone gets slower and slower cause the updates are designed for newer phones with faster processors. I don’t want to update if it makes my phone horribly slow. All info is greatly welcomed. Thx

  • when i try downloading it, it tells me there is an error while downloading the software. any thoughts?

  • There are rumors that with the new iOS 6 update, people who still have an unlimited data plan will lose it if they update. Can you guys at iDB fill me in on this?

  • Had my phone connected to the pc with itunes 10.7….the ios 6 download went upto 850 mB and then gave an error 3914 saying the device aint supported for the build….iphone 4s with 5.1.1 JB…India….can anybody please help.

    • Mines Iphone 4s but i couldn’t download it from my Iphone but it worked on my PC

  • If your on iOS 6 gm can you upgrade from the phone?

  • jose

    can i update my iphone if im unlocked with a gevey ultra sim?

  • Newbie

    Is there a way to stop my iPhone 4s from downloading the ios 6? I haven’t backed-up yet! Please help! My temporary solution was to turn off the wi-fi connection.

  • HomersDK

    Is it able now on the iOS6, to have subfolders in the photo albums? Or still the same?

  • nirmohi1995

    problem while updating ios 6 on ipad 2 “an error occour while downloading ios 6” now wat to do?

  • trilby

    since attempting 2 days ago to upgrade, no usable iphone4, originally asked to connect to itunes for a restore, which failed multiple times, and now PC/laptops all fail to even recognise an iphone has been connected (although both recognise the 4s which was upgraded with no problems at all)

  • jasmit

    guys how to download ios 6 any one can help me ???/

    • i couldn’t download it on my iPhone but it worked on my PC

  • Mark jason

    I already update ios 6 but an error. Occured during downloading” why is that so? Please help. Tnx..

  • supratikno aji

    Thanks for your information.

  • joy prado

    my iphone stuck up with i tunes in the screen for 2 days now..what will i do? it happened when im downloading ios