iOS 6

Apple expands Maps Flyover coverage in France

3D Flyover, a headline feature of Apple's in-house mapping service available on compatible iOS 6 devices, initially included only a handful of U.S. cities. The last major expansion was in March, when Apple added 3D Flyovers in twelve new cities - including such venues as Tokyo Station, Japan Imperial Palace and Tokyo Tower - and expanded Flyover coverage in more than a dozen U.S. cities.

Today, the company added 3D buildings for Paris, France and surrounding areas. I have a feeling iDB's own Sebastien Page will have lots of fun playing with Maps on his iPad...

Waze CEO discusses the state of iOS 6 Maps

Waze, a free social GPS application developed by the Israeli start-up Waze Mobile, at point was supposedly going to be acquired by Apple in order to improve iOS 6 Maps data, though later reports dismissed the rumor as wishful thinking.

Its CEO Noam Bardin was interviewed at AllThingsD's Dive Into Mobile conference yesterday.

Among the topics discussed, Barding shared his observations concerning Apple's Maps service which debuted as part of iOS 6 in September 2012, here's what he said...

Apple adds Flyover and 3D buildings to several new cities in Maps

When Tim Cook wrote his open letter last September, apologizing for the quality of the new Maps app, he said that Apple would work on it non-stop until it lived up to its incredibly high standards. And it has been.

Though it hasn't garnered much media attention, Apple has made a number of improvements to its Maps app over the past six months, including adding Flyover support and 3D building images to several new cities...

AssistantLove receives an iOS 6 update

One of my favorite jailbreak tweaks, AssistantLove, just received an update for iOS 6 compatibility. AssistantLove was featured in our top jailbreak tweaks of 2012 list, and would have been added to my "perfect iPhone" feature, if it had iOS 6 compatibility at the time.

If you're a Spotify user like I am, then you will really appreciate what AssistantLove brings to the table. Along with allowing you to integrate GPS apps with Siri, and launch apps using shortcut names, AssistantLove meshes Siri with Spotify. This means that you pretty much search for any song or artist you can think of using your voice.

Australian authorities again warn of inaccuracies in Apple Maps

Last December, Police in Victoria, Australia issued a warning regarding Apple's new Maps app in iOS 6, after several travelers became lost and stranded in a National Park due to poor directions. The advisory added insult to injury after Apple had taken months of criticism over the service.

Well, they're back at it today. Officials in Victoria, Australia are again warning users of Maps' inaccuracies, claiming that problems with the software are making it difficult to determine where fires are located in the city's Country Fire Authority bushfire information app 'FireReady...'

Apple making big hiring push for iOS Maps team

It seems like criticism for Apple's Maps app has died down in recent months. What was once the favorite topic of critics and naysayers has been replaced with talk of iPhone 5 part order cuts and the company's floundering stock.

But that doesn't mean that the Maps app is up to snuff yet, and Apple knows it. That's why it's been working hard to improve the software and, according to new job listings, is making a major hiring push for its Maps team...

Surprise, Google Maps app boosts iOS 6 adoption rate

According to MoPub, which tracks over a billion ad impressions each day across over 12,000 apps and a dozen ad networks, the release of Google's Maps iOS app last Wednesday has benefited the iPhone maker in many regards, not least of which is a healthy boost to iOS 6 adoption rates.

The firm saw a 29 increase in unique iOS 6 users in the five days after Google Maps for iOS was released and a thirteen percent increase from Monday to Wednesday.

The reason: those who held off upgrading to iOS 6 because it removed Google's mapping software are making the jump now that the standalone Google Maps app is on the App Store...

Chitika: iOS 6 adoption only rose 0.2% after Google Maps release

Judging from the comment sections on our Google Maps posts, and other feedback from around the web, it seems like quite a few people were holding out for a Google Maps app release before upgrading to iOS 6. And it makes sense, given some of the horror stories we've heard.

But according to Chitika, a large mobile ad network who regularly tracks iOS adoption rates and other mobile trends, iOS 6 adoption only rose 0.2% after Wednesday night's debut of the Google Maps app, suggesting it had no immediate impact on the number of iOS 6 users...

Has Google just won the iOS maps war?

While most people consider the return of Google Maps to Apple's App Store an all-around positive, one observer sees the move as a 'mixed blessing' for club Cupertino. Not only is the familiar mapping application once again available, but the Android maker Google may now overshadow Apple's own efforts to make a difference in the increasingly competitive mobile mapping arena. As we reported yesterday, the new Google Maps for iOS is the top free app for the iPhone.

Indeed, Google admits the iOS app - which adds turn-by-turn directions - is superior to the Android version from a design standpoint. But for Google, returning to iOS means it also reconnects with iPhone users and a wealth of data...

Samsung dissing Apple’s Maps in Sidney

You can't blame Samsung's marketing team for pouncing on Apple's every misstep. Remember the Apple Maps snafu in Australia that led to the police issuing a public warning advising against using the mapping product because it incorrectly placed the town of Mildura in the middle of Australia’s Murray Sunset National Park? Seen at the top is a new display banner found on Sydney’s George Street.

A mud-soaked SUV and a sign that reads “Oops, should have got a Samsung Galaxy S III. Get navigation you can trust” really needs no description. The wrong data Samsung's ad is referring to was supplied by the Australian government, iDB reported yesterday, and was incorrectly rendered in other mapping products...

Australia Maps snafu was the government’s fault

When the town of Mildura was showing up inside iOS Maps in the middle of Australia's Murray Sunset National Park, users were quick to point out that Apple's data was 43 miles off the town's actual location. It was already too late: the police issued a public warning as some iPhone-totting travelers had gotten lost in the Park's maze-like roadways. That the area has poor cell reception and lacks water supply didn't help either.

Apple has corrected the problem since and now we've learned that particular snafu wasn't Apple's fault in the first place: the company simply re-used the data supplied by the state of Victoria...

Apple quietly fixes dangerous Maps glitch in Australia

Apple's Maps app took another hit earlier today, when word got out that police in Victoria, Australia had issued a public warning regarding the software. Apparently, they had been receiving a number of calls from travelers who were getting lost in a nearby National Park due to the app's inaccurate data.

The problem was that the town of Mildura was showing up in the middle of Murray Sunset National Park, about 43 miles south of its actual location. And since the Park has maze-like roadways, poor cell reception and no water supply, this was a potentially dangerous situation. But don't worry Apple is on it...