Surprise, Google Maps app boosts iOS 6 adoption rate

MoPub chart (Google Maps, iOS 6 adoption rate)

According to MoPub, which tracks over a billion ad impressions each day across over 12,000 apps and a dozen ad networks, the release of Google’s Maps iOS app last Wednesday has benefited the iPhone maker in many regards, not least of which is a healthy boost to iOS 6 adoption rates.

The firm saw a 29 increase in unique iOS 6 users in the five days after Google Maps for iOS was released and a thirteen percent increase from Monday to Wednesday.

The reason: those who held off upgrading to iOS 6 because it removed Google’s mapping software are making the jump now that the standalone Google Maps app is on the App Store…

TechCrunch has the data and a statement from MoPub’s boss:

We observed since the launch of Google Maps for iOS 6 a 30% increase in unique iOS 6 users and we think it’s related to Google Maps. It verifies the hypothesis that people were actually holding back to upgrade until Google Maps was available.

What I’d love to see are some numbers concerning usage rates of Apple’s own Maps app after Google Maps became available. It would also be interesting learning whether or not the Google Maps release increased Apple’s iPhone satisfaction scores that dropped due to people hating iOS 6 Maps.

That’s perfectly plausible.

Even Google admits that its Maps are much better than on Android. A lot of people I talk to seem to agree. Google Maps saw an astounding ten million downloads in the first 48 hours of availability, rising to become the App Store’s #1 free app.

Some folks suggested Apple manufactured Mapgate purposefully as a way of forcing Google into creating the ultimate iPhone maps app.

I don’t buy it for one second.

The more people use Google Maps, the less time they’re gonna spend playing with Apple Maps. As a result, Apple gets to collect less crowd-sourced data from its software, which is important for improving the mapping experience.

On top of that, Apple’s favorite blogger John Gruber says Apple’s top dogs are “seething” over users’ warm reception of Google Maps for the iPhone.

Gruber wrote:

I think Apple – where by “Apple” I mean the company’s collective executive leadership – is seething regarding the way this has played out. Everything from Apple Maps being the butt of jokes to the accolades and joy that have accompanied the release of the new Google Maps iOS app. Seething.

Gruber is well connected and knows Apple inside out. While he had his share of misses in the past, I really don’t see how the launch of Apple Maps, Mapgate, a CEO apology and the subsequent release of Google Maps could benefit the Apple brand.

Samsung anti-Apple Maps street sign (image 001)
Do you really think Apple would let rivals leap on it at full power over Mapgate just to persuade Google to come to the rescue? It doesn’t make sense.

For Christ’s sake, Apple Maps tops Wired’s list of 2012 Top Tech Fails.

The publication writes:

Apple Maps sent us driving straight into the desert instead of our intended town. Security fail after security fail left us scrambling to change our passwords and keep our digital identities secure. And stunning, colorful industrial design couldn’t save Nokia from another dismal year of finances.

If you ask me, it is high time Apple’s ‘Mr. Fixer’ convinced Tim Cook & Co. to just buy TomTom and Foursquare outright and put this mess behind us.

What won’t help is booting people.

Out of curiosity, did you hold off upgrading to iOS 6 in anticipation of the Google Maps release?

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