Samsung dissing Apple’s Maps in Sidney

You can’t blame Samsung’s marketing team for pouncing on Apple’s every misstep. Remember the Apple Maps snafu in Australia that led to the police issuing a public warning advising against using the mapping product because it incorrectly placed the town of Mildura in the middle of Australia’s Murray Sunset National Park? Seen at the top is a new display banner found on Sydney’s George Street.

A mud-soaked SUV and a sign that reads “Oops, should have got a Samsung Galaxy S III. Get navigation you can trust” really needs no description. The wrong data Samsung’s ad is referring to was supplied by the Australian government, iDB reported yesterday, and was incorrectly rendered in other mapping products…

Kudos to CNET Australia for posting these photos, snapped by Nic Healey.

Hopefully, Eddy Cue and his team get around fixing Maps sooner than later.

Frankly, the iPhone maker has brought this on itself.

Google-owned Motorola was first to exploit the snafu in the iLost ad for the Droid Razr handset.

iOS 6 Maps were not ready for prime time and the firm could have avoided becoming the subject of public ridicule in late-night talk shows and other people’s ads if it had delayed Maps until they were perfect.

Has Samsung taken the Apple Maps meme too far?