A surprising amount of tidbits that have come out of the rumor-mill point to a two-tone design for a sixth-generation iPhone, be it home buttons, front and back plates, leaked schematics and engineering samples or even fan artwork.

The case for a two-tone iPhone has become much stronger earlier today when a repair shop put together all those parts floating around Asia, seemingly depicting what a fully-assembled iPhone 5 could look like. The thing ticks all the right boxes, like a relocated headphone jack on the bottom, a smaller 19-pin dock connector and a taller four-inch display (both confirmed by credible media outlets).

No matter from which angle you look at it, the assembly does look legit. It’s plausible design-wise with its high-quality milled aluminum feel, thinner appearance and a slightly beveled shiny edge. As always, some people will love the new look and others will loathe it simply because it doesn’t look new enough. Which side of the fence you’re on?

I imagine folks who fell in love with this purported two-tone design appreciate its assumed sophistication, unibody construction and inherently high manufacturing precision. I can also easily see the legions being disappointed because last year’s crazy rumors (remember whispers of a teardrop-like design?) have probably set expectations too high.

Let’s pretend for a moment that this fully-assembled iPhone represents the real deal.

Do you love or hate its two-tone design?

It’s a simple YES/NO question, vote now.

Now, some observations…

Firstly, while the assembly is realistic-looking in that all of the leaked parts fit together perfectly, we still don’t know a thing about the battery, camera modules and internal electronics.

Why’s that notable?

Because it indicates the previously leaked parts may not have come from Foxconn’s assembly plant. Another hint: a backplate lacks the usual legal mambo jumbo. Henceforth, if this thing is pieced together from parts sourced from third-party suppliers, the possibility of this being just one of the designs Apple might or might not have tested grows exponentially.

Secondly, notably absent from this assembly is a SIM tray. Apple’s carrier partners are reportedly stocking and testing 40 percent smaller Nano SIM cards rumored to be featured on the device and the lack of a drawer of sorts raises suspicion, especially given a familiar looking SIM tray that leaked back in May.

And thirdly, isn’t it funny how Apple isn’t issuing take down notices as they’d done with Gizmodo’s stolen iPhone prototype?

On that relocated headphone jack: it’s gonna cause headache to people who dock their device and connect it to speakers through the audio jack.

All told, perhaps Apple is taking us all for a ride and they’ll stun the world with a completely new design no one saw coming?

I guess we’ll find out how folks feel about this unmistakable rehash of the more than two-year-old iPhone 4/4S design come this fall. Look at it from the bright side: we’re lucky to not have gotten disheartened with an octagonally-shaped iPhone.

As always, we invite you to detail your vote and post additional observations down in the comments.

  • JerseyD

    I don’t mind the back I hate how the face still looks exactly like the iPhone 4 that has been out for over 2 years.

    • Thats exactly how I feel, I think the rounded back on the first three generations are better because they fit in your hand better.

      • And then wobble back and forth when you set it on a flat surface. Plus it just makes it look bulky.

      • Kayneeezy

        The flat design is the best design.. it looks modern.. curves are for babes..

      • javierE186

        My iPhone is like a woman, I’ll take one with curves over a flat one any day ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol, but truth is that the flat design is much better than the curvy one. I have had the OG iPhone and man those my i4 look sexy compared to it.

      • Kayneeezy

        I have owned every single iPhone and I think the 4S has been the best design by far.. The first iPhone only had better Materials.. The aluminum looked like luxury

      • Guest

        you didn’t mind the way it scratched so easily? I’m all for the glass since you dont need a case. my 4S is without one and since i never drop it and the back is glass, i can lay it down without worries of scratches.

      • Kayneeezy

        My original iPhone never had scratches and I used it without a case, oh and the 4/4s will scratch hairline scratched just not as obvious as the aluminum back.

      • I’ll find you some 300 pounds of curves; then I’ll see you regretting saying that.

      • javierE186

        Hey I said curves not a full on circle geez lol

    • Solowalker

      Really? Then maybe you’ll hate it even more when I remind you the face hasn’t changed at all since the initial iPhone release of 2007–5 years ago, not 2–aside from adding the FaceTime camera.

      • Kurt Lewis

        apple is known for not innovating. they do it once then never change. same look year and year out. look at mac OS, those ugly blue white stripes on the scroll bars have been there for more than ten years. iTunes hasn’t changed it’s look since its inception. all their hardware hasn’t changed much if at all over the years. thats what i cant stand about apple. rehash the same over and over. listen to your customers and change the iOS look, the static icon layout is beyond boring. I had gotten tired of it since 2009.

      • blue white stripes? get lion now! wait… mountain lion is out already!

      • Howard Ellacott

        What the heck are you on about? Have you used the new MacOS? The UI got a load of improvements last July! What about the new MacBook with Retina? That’s completely different! Did you even see the original iTunes? Maybe you should research your point before you write on an forum full of apple fanboys. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Disagree, I still think it’s the best design out there.

    • MohzeenHansrod


  • The one on “ModMyI” actually showed the sim card tray!

  • Honestly, I don’t really like the two-toned back. Wishful thinking on the rear camera still being centered. Lol…

    • Kurt Lewis

      iphone has one of the worst placements for the camera. it should be well out of the way of your fingers so you can hold it more securely.

  • Solowalker

    For now, I say I don’t like it. But I’m actually reserving judgement until I see it in person.

    For the record, I’m not much of a fan of the iPhone 4/4S design, either. It’s tolerable in photos, but I still can’t get over the ice cream sandwich look of it. Got mine covered up with a case. The darker metal frame of this one may help mitigate some of my concerns, but I’ll have to wait to physically see it to decide.

  • Marty Cunnane

    Love it, or hate it, we all want it

  • It looks good, though why it resembles so much the iPhone 4? I hope just a little bit, that this design isn’t official :/

  • Why are all the pictures of the back? D: I thought the two-tone design was weird at first, but after awhile, sure enough, it grew on me and now I like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • smtp25

    Have Apple lost it? The same tired design pretty much, bigger screen yes but just barely 4.3″ would be better. Even a curved screen would have at least being different that the same rehashed design. IOS6 same as ios4 with some ‘social integration’ – yawn! iPhone4S today -> S3/4 tomorrow?

    • Kurt Lewis

      did you expect something different? look at the other products from apple, have they changed year and year out? nope. that’s crapple for you. it was a beautiful design. now when i look at it i think its an old design. the front of the iphone is particularly ugly. i can’t stand to look at the black iphones. i have black ipod touch 1/3gs/ipad 1 so i was really sick of the old/outdated look. the white 4S i have now does help but its still boring. a change in the shape of the button would help. but again, this is crapple

      • javierE186

        You must be a very lonely person to come to a Apple blog and talk crap about Apple. That’s the thing I do not understand about you Apple haters, you say you hate Apple and Apple cannot do this and cannot do that and yet you go to sites that mostly focused on Apple. It’s like you would rejected by Apple and their products and now you don’t want the world to have any Apple products so that you won’t feel like a loser, which truth be told you must be a loser if you really must troll just to get your panties wet. Like really, there are so many great phones out there like the HTC One X, SGIII, Lumia 900, and many more to come, so why not give those a try and stop whining about how Apple didn’t want to take you to prom, and move on from them. Geez.

      • Impeach Obama

        in other words i must be an apple fanboy and like everything about apple? i only have apple devices, am i not allowed to be want better from them?
        now reread your pathetic “prom” “loser” comments and try to tell me you aren’t ashamed of yourself and embarrassed…children these days, ‘geez’

      • javierE186

        That is not what I am saying at all, were you too busy contemplating how to reply that you missed the whole there are other options out there like the SG3? What I am saying is that you my good sir are troll. You want to bash “crapple” that you cling onto anything so that you can say something negative. Since “crapple” isn’t going in the direction that you like then just leave them, they will not cry over you or anyone else, well unless we all leave at the same time. You can easily try other things to see what will be best for you. For example I love my iPhone but I hate the Mac, so I have a custom built Window PC. I know a Mac cannot satisfy my needs so what did I do get something that does. I do not have a iPad or any tablets because I think they are just overgrown phones that cannot handle their own on actual work, however I know there is a huge market that will disagree with me because clearly they are selling. You don’t see me bashing companies or people that want to use those devices. Don’t just web until people think the way you want them to think (like you) or just pretend to be a douche just to annoy people. Again clearly you have a problem with Apple so why just move forward satisfy your needs? It’s really sad that you must call out for attention by going to a Apple favored blog just to bash it or it’s readers/commentators. Hope I helped you understand xD [doubt it ;)]

        P.S Feel free to write what you like I wont reply to this anymore, two responses from me are too much…later xD

      • Kurt Lewis

        what? come again?

      • No one is gonna even bother reading that long post of you!
        U embarrased yourself allready mate.
        We use Apple products because we like them, we wanna see Apple ahead of others.
        We comment our thoughts HERE because WE are the users.
        I hate that design it looks bad and too much like the 4/4S.
        Still I give Apple a chance untill the keynote maybe they pull a stunt.

  • Not so much worried about the design of the back as I am about the glass. Has Apple learned from what everyone wants and put glass in the new iPhone 5 that is stronger or just as fragile as the 4 & 4s?

  • Manuel Angel

    The phone looks ugly; plan and simple. The only reason that I can think for the different back being used for iPhone 5 is if the metal like back is to ensure that the phone is not increasingly hot from the LTE chip when it’s in use. When my 4S is using 3G for some time, the phone gets hot at a certain part of the phone, but nothing to crazy. This could only be a possibility though.

  • Kayneeezy

    I’m going to be all over this phone.. hopefully the white looks as good. I love how the white hides smudges and light scratches..

  • Winski

    Two-tone will be like driving Toyota…. At night when you put your head on your pillow, you’ll remember you’re shamefully embarrassed and you closed and locked your garage so no one would see…

    • Kurt Lewis

      wow you liberals are so clever with your analogies…haha idiot.

      but yeah two tone = ugly. also, get a new design apple. old is not cool

      • SimonReidy

        This isn’t a political blog. How about you show some bipartisanship, and please give all the anti-liberal anti-Obama shit a rest?

  • Latinpride011

    Would look great if it was all gray(back plate).. But it isn’t tht bad

  • Say what you want about fragility, I still maintain that glass is class.

  • Two tone plates, bringing back the original iPhone style! Retro in modern


    The two-tone thing on the back seems very, er, unAppleish.

    Could Apple be closely sticking with its now celebrated form factor until technology allows a thinner phone without sacrificing standards Apple holds dear? Apple seems to be trying to lead the industry in that direction with things like the micro-sim and (supposed) move to a 19 pin connector.

    • Who are you to tell apple that they are “un-appleish”? The original iphone had a two tonr design, did it not?

  • this wont be the new iPhone, bet a million bucks on it

  • HC

    I actually like the two-tone, but change the design up a little so it doesn’t look like the 4, but at the same time keep the shape. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Maybe Apple doesn’t care so much about these “Leaks” Because their decoys? It would make since because they like surprising people, Everyone thought the iPhone 4S would look totally different and there were case leaks and everything.. Now look at the design.. Although I really like this design, I’m not putting too much hope in it…

  • Alec Vanek

    i like how the side band is black also and not silver.

  • Ronald Weaver

    I like the look a lot but I’m not to into the wide sreen thing. I know many are gonna bash me but I would like a more square 4 inch to 5 design. Many say you can’t touch all four corners with a thumb. For me that’s not true, I know others with smaller hands than me who can do the same. And don’t gimme that it can’t fit in my pants sh*t!

  • hate this design. where is the inovation? almost same like before only give different case n suplement for grow taller. (sorry bad english).

  • it does look better than the current black/white options but why is it still the same design? come on apple!

  • hkpuipui99

    It looks pretty boring, too similar to the 4/4S… Having said that I’m still probably gonna be in line to get it ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Be aware, if they build it like this, you’ll never have the chance to change the battery!

  • christodouluke

    Teardrop design is still the best.

  • I love it. Why fix what’s not broken. I don’t get why people wanna change what is the best design ever seen by my eyes. I’m not too into those 2 tones of the back, but what the heck, those 4 inches are making me forget it. I have the feeling looking at this that it is not as thin as the current generation.

    • People dont wanna walk around 4/5 years with the same design pal.
      Gets boring its boring allready! Just like IOS6 with nothing really new.
      Boring grid of icons, now even more icons with a bigger screen.
      What comes after this phone iPhone 5S, same design ???
      I hope you now understand this same design is bullcrap they need to change it.

  • Apple’s probably laughing their asses off to these prototypes right now because these might not really how the iPhone 5 looks like. It might be triangled-shaped for a change LOL.

  • The relocated headphone jack shouldn’t cause much of a headache. If anything, you’ll have to get a new dock thanks to the redesigned connector. Hopefully Apple decides to include a charging dock with an audio output like back in the day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Abdullah Al Bumujdad

    thats nt an iphone its “iphon” and left side right “S”

  • It reminds me of the first iPhone, and I always wanted a mix of the design of the first iPhone and the iPhone 4.

  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Da Vinci

    I think it looks great. Not too over the top. Just right. Like most of you have stated.
    Regardless, we’re all gonna get it lol

  • lets hope that not the iphone 5

  • whatever people say, when Apple shows us the video of it, everyone will want it

  • Won’t matter about the design. Ill buy a case for it anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Franco Reis

    I just don’t understand why the two tones… It makes the whole body seems easily dismounted… Like pieces, removing the solid unibody experience we have with Iphones 4/4S…

  • MohzeenHansrod

    Why is everyone so obsessed with the phone looking different to it’s predecessors? Yes sure, perhaps the size and thickness can change, but the iP4/s design is SO BEAUTIFUL, it is a fantastical device to look at. Just change the insides and perhaps make the screen bigger, ding ding ding I think that’ll be the winner.

  • The white iphone 4 and 4s is, in my opinion, the sexiest iphone ever; but this black iphone prototype does look really nice and I will buy it.

  • Sam Park

    i want brushed metal. and i bet steve jobs would have cried when he saw the 2 color back like he did when the first imac had a tray loading cd drive instead of a slot loading drive

  • Guest

    The back is ugly.