Video compares 4.07-inch iPhone 5 glass panel vs. current iPhone

Japanese blog Macotakara just posted an interesting video which seems to compare an alleged next-generation iPhone glass panel against the current iPhone model. The clip depicts a taller but wider glass panel, supporting the mounting evidence that the iPhone 5 will introduce a new display size measuring slightly above four inches diagonally…

Surprisingly, as seen in the above image, though the glass panel in question has the same width as the iPhone 4/4s, it measures 4.07 inches diagonally, or approximately 10.33cm, versus the 3.5-inch display on current iPhones.

As a result, the next iPhone sporting this display would be a bit taller than the current iPhone 4/4S models that are 4.54 inches tall, or 115.2 mm.

More precisely, the height difference between a 3.5-inch iPhone 4/4S and a 4.07-inch iPhone 5 would amount to approximately 10mm, or 0.39 inches.

Not too much, but notable nonetheless.

Macotakara explains (machine-translated):

If you look at just how long or than the iPhone 4S, is the feeling you move up to the length of the sensor bar from Lacey. However, I think this length is shorter than the liquid crystal display area was expanded.

Here’s the clip, courtesy of Macotakara.


And this is that glass panel on top of the iPhone 4S.

The glass panel Macotakara has gotten its hands on appears to be in line with the most recent leaks, specifically a metal backplate, a front panel and an alleged design schematic.

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The real thing or perhaps just someone who knows how to mold glass?

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