Guided Access is a new feature found in iOS 6, and enabled on iOS 6 beta 2, which allows you to enable a “kiosk mode” on your iDevice. This can be handy for users who use the iPads or iPhones as retail assistants, in stores, in restaurants, as menus, etc.

To enable Guided Access mode, simply head to the Settings app > General > Accessibility, and locate Guided Access under the Learning section. Once enabled, head to your app of choice, and triple tap the Home button to engage Guided Access mode. You will be required to enter a passcode for Guided Access to prevent end-users from aborting the app.

You also have the ability to restrict access to certain portions of the screen, the whole screen, and/or disable the motion controls within the app. Chances are you won’t be using Guided Access in your personal day-to-day life, but this can be a great tool for businesses. What do you think?

  • DorianK

    Can you disable multiple areas, as in disable the top and bottom menu bars?

    • Yep

    • Pramith Fonseka

      yes you can

      • ali

        i have forget my pass coad anp i am struck in aap mode is there any other way to get out of it

  • so thats how they do it in the apple store

    • No. The iPads at Apple stores have a special Smart Sign mode.

    • Pramith Fonseka

      I dont think so. In guided access, if you press any hardware button, it prompts you to turn off guided access, while in apple stores, this isn’t the case.

    • I know it may seem like it but they use different profile setups in the apple store for this. If you turn off the power and restart it on a apple store ipad and go to settings you you the “disable home button” profile listed.

  • CamSince89

    Could I disable people from opening certain apps? Like the messages app?

    • I hav d same ques

    • some apps yes but messages no. only the ones in the ‘restrictions’ portion under settings>general

  • You can disable rotation, all buttons and lock it in app. triple click home to get password to unlock it again.

    I have an autistic son who LOVES playing with my ipad.. but he starts going through things and I would always panic he would erase things or end up watching a horror movie on netflix, so its perfect to keep him in the software I want him using.

    Also can lock all buttons and put a movie on in the car and I can relax and not have to find where they were before they poked the screen.

    PLUS… I am a graphic artist as when I pass my ipad as a folio there is always the problem of the client or friend deciding to go surfing through everything.

    So YAY, finally if someone wants to use the iPad I dont have to worry about them messing things up

  • This is going to be the best prank ever.

  • This is going to be good when your kids are using your phone

  • chjode

    This will be great for my nephew who loves to talk on FaceTime, but also loves to push buttons.

  • Kevin Holzendorf

    Can you use this on the lock screen?

  • also works for your pesky girlfriend while you’re in the shower. **no experience** lol

  • Thanks for posting this video. One thing I’d like to know – what happens if you’re running an application under Guided Access and it crashes. In a retail kiosk environment, there’s a chance this will happen once an app has been running solidly for a few weeks. Does Guided Access to any kind of auto-restart that you’ve seen?

  • Daniel Nabil

    is there any tweak in cydia that can do that in ios 5?

  • hallej1

    Can you enable Kiosk Mode using Safari?

  • jalissa

    i forgot my password and now am stuck in the setting app, do you know anyway to disable it without using a password? PLEASE HELP i cant use my phone for anything.

    • Jk091206

      Hold down the Power and Home button down together until the screen turns off. This will reset and reboot your device. No files will be lost.
      Hope this helps!

  • ali

    i forgot my password and now am stuck in the setting app, do you know
    anyway to disable it without using a password? PLEASE HELP i cant use my
    phone for anything.

    • Khanh

      Force reboot the device.
      Hold the home and power button for 10 seconds or until the apple logo. I have tested this and it works

      • AJ

        it doesn’t work…My phone restarts and everything but it stays in Guided Access mode.

  • jdb1180

    Great Post! Here’s a question: Do you still get prompted to install updates or anything else Apple would want to alert you about If you have Access Mode activated? I’d hope there’s a way of suppressing unwanted prompts.

  • The main issue is that the Guided access feature is not resumed after a power loss.. 🙁