One of the wonderful things about the Dashboard X widget interface is its out of the box compatibility with Notification Center add-ons. Cjori — the developer of the popular widget interface — could have easily used that as an excuse to not design widgets exclusively made with Dashboard X in mind, but as a benefit to us, he and others have decided not to do so.

As a result, we have exclusively designed items like Dashtweet, Clock Widget, and now Music Widget — a widget designed specifically for showcasing now playing music on the iOS Home screen.

The only controls you’ll find with Music Widget are previous, play/pause, and skip. Tapping the album artwork will hide or reveal the buttons and track names. Music Widget is no where near the deep experience you’d derive from something like Music Controls Pro, but if it’s simplicity you’re after, it’s hard to go wrong here.

Music Widget is still in beta testing, but as you can see from the video, it can make a solid addition to an iPhone or iPad’s Home screen. Music Widget forgoes complexities for an extremely simple and clean interface that’s befitting of iOS.

We’ll be sure to send out an update once Music Widget is released on Cydia. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts below.

  • does anyone else have a problem when the little “x” button is still on the widget in Dashboard X even after you press the home button and they stop wiggling?

    • The developer says that’ll be fixed in an upcoming update.

    • Ori

      It’s fixed with 1.0.7 which should be up tomorrow (already submitted to the repo).
      Also it’ll be compatible with unfold.

      • Can you fix the SimpleDate Widget please?

      • Anonymous

        I’m having a problem with DashboardX on my iPad2 with my widget layout resetting to weird locations after a respring (all of them are off to the right by about half a springboard page). Every time I relocate the widgets to where I want them, they go back to the same weird positioning after every respring. Any thoughts? (I’ve tried reinstalling).

        On my iPhone 4 it works fine. Apart from an incompatibility with the recent “fold to unlock” tweak that is, but that’s a minor gripe 🙂

    • انا احيانا اواجه

      some times

  • does anybody else having problems while trying to install and crashes the springboard??? so i always have to unistall

    • I had the issue where the weather & calendar widget wouldn’t update. Weather-hourly & Calendar-daily. Hope that issue gets fixed

  • does anybody else having problems while trying to install and crashes the springboard??? so i always have to unistall

  • I don’t see the need of dashboard x on iPhone. It is better looking on the iPad.

  • Great idea, it’s exciting to see the iphone finally getting basic functionality android took for granted years ago (angry sarcasm). This will be a decent widget when tapping the art opens the app currently playing music. Matter of fact, just use android for a few months, maybe try MIUI and you devs will get an idea of what is currently being demanded by the more advanced smartphone crowd (precisely the people who use and demand things like your widget).

  • i want Spotify Premium for freeeee

  • Anonymous

    It would be great if we could add different sizes of the widget, from single icon size to 4×4 icon size, including a 2×2 😀

  • Ori does an amazing job and puts in a lot of time working with user reports of bugs, ideas, etc. Plus, he’s an insanely fun conversation. 😀 I’m loving the music widget and finding that dbx (er, Dashboard X) is really modifying the way I use my phone. I cannot wait till my iPad2 is JB (I got it without saved blobs and on 5.1), where I can really utilize dbx.

  • Jeff, your iPhone’s battery is low…

  • mk santiago

    i like!!! as soon as its available ill install it

  • edvision1903

    كيف احمل الجيلبريك

  • edvision1903

    كيف احمل الجيلبريك

  • sasan akbari

    It terribly sucks the battery level. :((