So yeah, I was lazy. Unlike Cody, I don’t have the patience to wait on hold, or be placed in a revolving door of automated prompts. It was either head directly to the store, or give AT&T’s technical support chat a try.

Thankfully, AT&T’s technical support chat has a pretty good track record with me; I figured I’d give that a try before deciding to burn a gallon of gas to head to the closest AT&T store. Would they even be open on a holiday anyway?

At the end of the day, I’m glad I decided on this method. In less than 10 minutes the unlocking process for my iPhone was initiated, saving me time, gas money, and a potential headache.

Whereas it took Cody about 20 minutes to initiate his iPhone 4 unlock, it took me less than 10 minutes. Folks, it really doesn’t get any simpler than this…

How to unlock your AT&T iPhone:

Step 1: On your phone go to Settings > General > About > and locate your IMEI number

Step 2: Head over to AT&T’s chat support page, (you will need to be logged in to do this). After logging in click “Chat Now” next to Technical Support.

Step 3: fill out the chat form, and type “I want to unlock my iPhone 4” in the “How may we assist you today?” field. Click Start Chat.

Step 4: Explain to the representative that you need to unlock your iPhone, and provide them with the IMEI number from Step 1. This will allow the representative to determine the eligibility of your iPhone unlock.

Step 5: If your device is eligible for an unlock, the representative will ask for your email address. They will provide you with further unlock details via your email address, so make sure you typed in your email correctly. It could take a week for the unlock request to completely go through.

The only thing left to do now is wait. Once we receive the email with the unlock code, we will provide a follow up post concluding the process.

I know AT&T has received a lot of bad press, but I it’s pretty cool of them to finally take this stand on unlocking iPhones.

Are you happy that AT&T has started to do this, or is it too little too late?

  • I filed the case the number is CM20120409_—-you should get an email by Apr 16th if you qualify for the unlock code.

    what does it mean….

  • ok i have to iphones unlocked via ultrasnow but i tought why not give it a try ? so i went ahead i just called both att lines spanish and english and they gave me the same answer : by the time is not possible to get my 2 iphones unlocked bcuz att needs a proof that u actually bought it from an att store or if u got the iphone trough ebay or cl (my case) or etc then u will need to provide a receipt with the same requirements actually i think this is impossible for most people like me… so they just toldme to wait and maybe and a couple of days they will take away that restriction bcuz my case is not the only one… cheers

    • ebay receipt is easy. go to your ebay account and print out a copy. what other requirements do they need that you can not provide if iphone bought from ebay? may i ask …. thank you!

      • actually what they toldme is that i need to get the att receipt from the person who sold me the phones wich is impossible for me since i bought`em from CL…

      • Welly YusCha

        thais have you done to unlock ur iphone?

  • Hi, I’m Brazilian and I want to do this, but I have to have a AT&T wireless account witch I cant create (since I’m out of US). Somebody help me!

    • eu moro em goias liguei ontem na att dos usa , ligue pelo skype , e me dizeram por enquanto nao eh possivel desblokiar pq a gente precisa da nota fiscal do telefone quando foi comprado na att ai eles me falaron para esperar mais uns dias talves eles tirem esse requerimento pq estao com muitos casos parecidos ao meu de pessoas q compraram os aparelhos pela internet e nao eh possivel mostrar uma nota fiscal

  • many ppl asking the same thing, how to unlock iphone, how to unlock iphone from other country, how to unlock iphone with no at&t account. the solution is :
    call at&t customer support +1(800)331-0500
    +1 is country code
    and for the foreigners use SKYPE to call that number, it`s free.

    • Welly YusCha

      arthur, can u help me to unlock my iphone 4? please,,

  • Okay guys, just got off the AT&T representative thru Skype a few minutes ago. Everything went smooth. I told him that I didn’t have an AT&T Wireless Number and that I was calling abroad for an iPhone 3GS unlock. He just asked me for my Equipment Number, which is the IMEI and then went on to check and key in everything and lastly he asked for my contact email and cell number and he told me that my application is being submitted to the iPhone unlock team and I will be contacted back in 72 hours. Very friendly agent! Hopefully all goes well!

  • Okay guys, just got off the AT&T representative thru Skype a few minutes ago. Everything went smooth. I told him that I didn’t have an AT&T Wireless Number and that I was calling abroad for an iPhone 3GS unlock. He just asked me for my Equipment Number, which is the IMEI and then went on to check and key in everything and lastly he asked for my contact email and cell number and he told me that my application is being submitted to the iPhone unlock team and I will be contacted back in 72 hours. Very friendly agent! Hopefully all goes well!

    • Did he ask about your receipt when u bought ur iphone?

  • After unlock the iPhone, can I jailbreak it again, and will it lose the unlock?

  • What phone number did you give them???

  • Anybody can help I have a locked iPhone from AT&T but now I live in lebanon and Iam using a gevey sim to use it I tried Jeff method but I don’t have AT&T id plz help

  • I just called att and they asked me for receipt to prove that i purchased noncontact iphone? How can i keep it when i bought it one and a half year ago. Any suggestion?

  • Anonymous

    For those who live outside the US, try this e-mail address for unlock request:, I got mine after 24 hours thru this. You need to give your iPhone’s IMEI and mobile number. Explain in your e-mail if you don’t have at&t account.

    • Anonymous

      Whend did you request yours?

    • Anonymous

      Whend did you request yours?

  • Called AT&T via Skype, they said 4S not yet elegible for unlock… anyone else tried?

    • Anonymous

      Only way for a 4s is to pay etf

  • Bogdan Mihai Buza

    guys, i called today to AT&T, provided IMEI and they told me that my iPhone 4 it is NOT eligible. I bought the iPhone in 2010 from apple store locked on AT&T on full price without any contract (on aple store receipt it is written that is without any AT&T service). do you have any idea why my iPhone it is NOT ELIGIBLE? or who do i have to contact about that?


  • Something change with AT&T I call today and get my case start it.

    1- I would Unlock my iPhone please , I am not AT&T customer
    2- If asked do you have receipt you say yes you do(does not matter they will not ask you to fax it)
    3- Give them your IMEI # and email also call back phone # (home or work #)
    4- They give you case # and tell you will hear from them in the next 5 to 7 days

  • i live in Brazil and cant associate a phone number to my ATT account..could any of you readers send a workable login and password just for me to chat with a ATT seller??i promisse not to make any mistake!!send for my email and i promisse not to send anyone

  • guys who can help me? i dont have att account to contact costumer support live chat..(i tried to sign up but it wants some numbers etc. from usa ) i bought iphone 3gs from USA but now i live in Azerbaijan , how can i unlock my iphone./.?

    • try calling them on skype for free. the number and details are in one of the above comments. i got my iphone 4 unlocked and i called them on skype.i bought it from craiglist while i was in the USA. they asked me the number associated with this iphone and i gave them my local country’s no. and i received email saying that unlcok is ready. they just ask for imei no and email address. nothing else.. good luck

  • Yeahhhhh i got the unlock! I am fron argentina and i called at&t to ask for the unlock in april 10, and they said to me that it will be available on april 18, but they sent the mail tomorrow 13 and i got it! Really happy. Greatings to all of us from here

    • same here !!! iDB helped a lot ! thanks to all

  • Ok so I submitted my case on April 10th and yesterday April 13th I or the email confirming that I was eligible to unlock my iPhone 4s. The email laid out the steps to unlock. In simple words all I did was connect my iPhone open iTunes right click on the phone and back up the phone then restore from the back up I just made. Then popped my tmobile sim card then the phone restarte saying it activation required. I chose my wireless network to activate and that was it. It activated.

    With this method I was able to unlock my phone without having to restore the phone to 5.1 and was able to preserve my jailbreak and my 5.0.1 firmware. This is my first post ever on iDB. I hope this helps others.

  • I read that the unlock need first to jailbreak. My iPhone 4 now 5.0.1. What will be the next step?? I cant Understand.

  • 4/15

    I just contact at&t chat support to unlock the iPhone 2G, DONE! Will receive the unlock instruction in 5-7 days, I wasn’t using at&t by the time I was using the 2G, and hopefully they are not going to ask for the receipt after 5-7days because I already lost it.

    • U have internet access but you do not know how to research

      • What you are talking about?

        This is a post from 11months, when they first start doing the unlock service for iPhone. It has been 11months and of course we can google it.

        Please… 11 months ago, thanks for your reply anyway.

        By the way, I have also unlocked the iPhone 5 without at&t.

  • my zip code is 143001 which i cant fill in fucking 5 digits

  • I just got my iphone 4S unlocked today. pretty nice love this ^^

  • submit request on 09-april-2012 and got case CM20120409-XXXXXXXX and date 16-APRIL-2012 but still not got reply.
    today i called again for my other iPhone the ask me to fax receipt of iPhone,

    What to do ?

  • wal

    Will pay someone $10USD to unlock for me, the equivalent of shouting a beer or two!

  • cani canii

    I need HELP I unlock iphone 4s AT&T and i restore it prefectly and activate with another sim its ok but is only on SERACHING>…. sometimes no SERVICE itunes message is COngr… Your iphone has been unlocked but NO SERVICE any solution of this

  • Hello i was wondering if someone could put the request for me, because i don’t live in the us and I don’t have an atnt account, I have my iPhone as a brick right now and that depresses me, thank you very much.

  • andleeb

    hey anyone online to help me please.

  • zaher

    hi i have 4s locked from at&t ,but i have the zip and postal code but i lost my at&t sim so anyone can help me ?

  • to those people who use chat support, not all issues can be done in an instant and not all request can be made in chat alone, sometimes you have to listen to chat reps first becoz they know what they’re doing.

  • Dale Arenz

    We want to change service to AT&T but have many questions to ask a AT&T representative on line. How do I connect with a online chat

  • Just so you know this doesn’t work any more. Legislation and policy have changed, which, honestly is stupid. Makes me not ever want to deal with AT&T.

  • edrisa jammeh

    “I want to unlock my iPhone 4″

  • hi

    how do I get my iphone 4 to get endisable

  • Aspire

    Maybe someone could help me please. i’v got iphone 5S but i bought in uk. now i cant unlock could someone help me to contact att tu onlock my iphone. ofcourse i can give some money for that. please contact me Please guys.

  • fcolon

    That won’t work if you’re NOT an AT&T CUSTOMER to create an account you need a att cell phone number