In spite of way overblown ‘problems’ with the new iPad overheating, charging slower and having minor performance issues with native Retina gaming, owners are simply loving their new gadget, with a whopping 98 percent being satisfied or very satisfied with their purchase in a new ChangeWave poll.

The study, released this morning, polled two hundred owners of the new iPad, with three-quarter singling out the high-resolution 2,048-by-1,536 pixel Retina display as its defining feature…

The March 2012 study by ChangeWave Research, a service of 451 Research, reveals that the third-generation iPad commands an even higher satisfaction ratio score of its predecessor, the iPad 2. More than four out of five new iPad owners, or 82 percent, say they are very satisfied with their device and 16 percent are somewhat satisfied.

In a similar ChangeWave survey last year, three out of four owners of the iPad 2, or 74 percent, said they were very satisfied with their second-generation tablet.

As for the overheating woes, it’s somewhat of a problem for four percent and not much of a problem for seven percent, with 89 percent of respondents saying it’s not a problem or something they had never experienced.

Not a single person said the new iPad running warmer was a major concern.

ChangeWave concludes:

Simply put, the heat issue does not appear to be a perceived problem for the overwhelming majority of new iPad owners.

The sentiment echoes a recent Consumer Reports conclusion that the new iPad was not especially uncomfortable to hold for brief periods. The consumer watchdog does not consider a ten-degree operating temperature increase a safety concern.

The Retina display is a major selling point for three out of four respondents, or 75 percent. Nearly one out of four, or 22 percent, like the device’s long battery life. Other likes include 4G LTE support (21 percent), its speedy performance (one out of  five, or 20 percent) and the much-improved five-megapxel iSight camera on the back (18 percent).

As for other findings, some eight percent dislike a bit thicker appearance and added weight, the latter also being the topic of our own review of iPad 3. The amount of built-in flash storage is a concern for another eight percent.

Additional dislikes include lack of integration with other devices (seven percent), excessive heat (seven percent) and battery life (six percent).

No other issue was cited by more than five percent of new owners, which is remarkable in and of itself.

There, the people have spoken.

Hopefully, we can now put both Batterygate and Heatgate non-issues to rest?

  • I just got it yesterday, and I already love the Retina display. <3

  • The study took part in an Apple store answered by Apple staff.
    Joke! Don’t get all lairy about it girls.

  • Tom

    Of course Heatgate is a non issue. Just as Antennagate was a non issue with the iPhone 4. I got an iPhone 4 the day after release and despite my best attempts, I could not get my phone to drop a call. I tried all the different ‘Vulcan grips’ that were reported in the press. Non issue.

    It’s a common phenomenon that once someone (or something) is popular, certain parts of the media (iDB excluded of course!) try to knock them off their pedestal. Apple make great products. Simple as.

    • Anonymous

      In your opinion, don’t speak for everybody when you say that the Antenna problems were a non issue, i’m pretty sure thousands, if not millions would disagree with you, what I will agree on is that is was much less of an issue than it was made out to be … My iPhone often loses a bar or 2 when gripped tightly but the signal has never completely dropped.

  • TP Folair

    I returned my iPad 3 for its less-than-stellar wi-fi connectivity issues. I’m surprised no one’s mentioned it here as there are healthy Apple Discussion boards on the subject.

    I miss it, though… 😉

  • a poll of just 200 people is not an accurate poll. please stop posting blog posts on polls of a few hundred people. you did it before and you got flack about it. you do understand the problem with this right? if not ill explain but if you know, then stop with these blog posts