Last month we showed you a way to fix your iDevice’s white app icons after jailbreaking, but did you know that you can perform a similar fix with Springtomize 2?

Since most jailbreakers probably already have Springtomize 2 running on their device’s, this is a very convenient method for cleaning up those annoying white app icons that rear their ugly heads post jailbreak.

Check inside for the full how-to…

Step 1: Open Springtomize 2

Step 2: Make a change to Springtomize (i.e. enable and then disable as in video) and then tap “Reload” in the upper right-hand corner, followed by “Reload Settings” on the pop up dialogue.

Step 3: On your Home screen you should see a message that says “Reloading Settings” followed by “Cleaning Caches” and “Rendering Icons”. Your white app icons should now be replaced with the proper app icons.

The nice thing about using this feature is that you don’t have to reboot or even respring.

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  • faster then respring lol

    • As much as I would like to respring, I’ve learned that it wipes away your iDevices battery usage from the last 100 – 90 % cycle charge. Sometimes I like to see what I’m getting out of my batter and since respringing messes that up, this new option is a lot better.

  • faster then respring lol

  • Kok Hean

    I wish that there is a button on the SpringBoard which automatically fixes this after tapping it, an SBSettings toggle to do that too, or a tweak which does that every time the device is unlocked.

    • Anonymous

      There is a tweak called iwipe cache. All it does is put an icon on the springboard that you press to clear the cache. Works everytime I get a white icon. It says it was designed to help fix issues with winterboard but I don’t even have that installed on my phone and t works.

  • Kok Hean

    I wish that there is a button on the SpringBoard which automatically fixes this after tapping it, an SBSettings toggle to do that too, or a tweak which does that every time the device is unlocked.

  • eric opdyke

    I’d like to see a side by side test with “fast respring” tweak and reload settings. I think tapping the fast respring icon is quicker versus entering springtomize, changing something, hitting “reload”, then reload settings and then waiting.

    • Anonymous

      Some people aren’t as hung up on the whole time thing, for the record, what exactly were you planning on doing in the 5-10 seconds you might save? .. People act like respringing takes hours, not to mention that respringing is a rare thing to have to do anyway, unless you’re a child who is constantly installing shit.

      • eric opdyke

        Respringing is not rare at all. Any time there is an update to a tweak or app I have to respring either because the package forces it or the white icons appear back along with everything that I have springtomize hide from me.

        As for as the 5-10 seconds goes, the whole premise of Apple is not inventing anything but completing common tasking more efficiently which usually entails less steps. That being said I feel the same way about the things installed on my iphone. I want less steps and more efficient ways to complete a task, for example respringing. If “fast respring” offers me that over springtomize then fast respring it is for me.

  • An even faster solution I use is running ‘uicache update’ command into Mobile Terminal. No respring needed, it takes around 5~10 seconds to refresh the icons, and since I use that temporary fix it worked 100% of times. Respringing wasn’t working anymore at the time, nor it was rebooting either. It’s even faster if you save the command as a shortcut. 2 taps, a few seconds and white icons are gone.

    • Only problem is…eventually you’re going to have to respring or rebuild cache. It just becomes bigger and bigger.

  • I’m getting a weird situation where my Phone icon vanishes leaving an empty position in the dock when installing new apps. Not sure what i installed that’s creating that problem, but ill have to do some investigating if it bothers me much more.

  • Tal Gabbai

    Or just respring through SBSettings in NC.. much faster.

  • Anonymous

    iWipe Cache tweak from cydia does same thing. All you do is press icon on homescreen.

  • Isn’t there a way of not getting white icons at all? I dont recall ever getting it b4. Maybe pod2g fucked up my phone lol.

    • Dan

      I’d rather have OS5 untethered jailbroken and the occasional white icon than the alternative lol

    • rapid rapi

      yup best solution is to restore your i device and don’t JB

    • If it really happens a lot, you should restore and rejb with the latest Absinthe, it has a fix.

  • There is no need to make a change since it’ll always clear the cache and render icons.

  • rapid rapi

    springtomize == $$ , BTW the only Jb tweak worth buying is intelliscreenx

  • if you’re still getting white icons, just re-jailbreak with the latest version of Redsn0w, it fixes all the little quirks that the first few versions introduced. (or just update Corona in Cydia if that’s how you achieved your untether.)

    you may want to sync beforehand, just in case, but you don’t have to re-install iOS. just remember to uncheck “install Cydia” in Redsn0w or Cydia’s record of your installed packages will be wiped out.

    I just had to do this recently to fix some crashing apps. worked like a charm. will fix white icons, too. I don’t know how common knowledge this is, but it was a long time before I realized you could re-jailbreak over an existing jailbreak in order to benefit from the bug fixes, so hopefully this helps someone else, too. =)

    • not everyone is using an iP4

      • why does that matter?

      • Seriously?

      • Because redsn0w is for i4 and lower. i4S uses Absinthe 🙂

      • Redsnow doesn’t play well with iP4s or iPad2 if im not mistaken

      • I forgot about Absinthe 😛

        concept should still be the same. if it gets updated, just re-jailbreak with the newest one and don’t install Cydia if you’ve done so before.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone has any problems with deleted bookmarks reappearing on your springboard after every respring?

  • When is there gonna be another update of tweeks and bug fixes in sprintomize anyways!!

  • When is there gonna be another update of tweeks and bug fixes in sprintomize anyways!!

    • Hey Jeff i was wondering if you could help me! I was wondering if there was some sort of sbsetting toggle option for switching my default answering to Speaker instead of the headset ! I’d love this for when i have my phone on its mount and in the car ! it would save some time from going into accessibility settings everytime. thanks.

  • There’s an app called FixBlankIcons….it works for me…no respring req.:))

  • SWEET..didn’t know this..Now..i just fixed it..on BOTH

  • err… after i did the above, my hidden icons showed up and showed other white icons instead… i think i’ll stick to respringing =(

  • When I download Springtomize 2 to my 4s my app store and contact icons disappear. Does this help with that problem too?