How to fix white app icons with Springtomize 2

Last month we showed you a way to fix your iDevice’s white app icons after jailbreaking, but did you know that you can perform a similar fix with Springtomize 2?

Since most jailbreakers probably already have Springtomize 2 running on their device’s, this is a very convenient method for cleaning up those annoying white app icons that rear their ugly heads post jailbreak.

Check inside for the full how-to…


Step 1: Open Springtomize 2

Step 2: Make a change to Springtomize (i.e. enable and then disable as in video) and then tap “Reload” in the upper right-hand corner, followed by “Reload Settings” on the pop up dialogue.

Step 3: On your Home screen you should see a message that says “Reloading Settings” followed by “Cleaning Caches” and “Rendering Icons”. Your white app icons should now be replaced with the proper app icons.

The nice thing about using this feature is that you don’t have to reboot or even respring.

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