ColoredKnob is a tweak that we covered in the past, and it was met with a fairly warm reception. We really liked it; in fact, the only thing holding us back from absolutely loving it was the limited amount of colors available in the initial release.

Apparently the developer heard our cries, because ColoredKnob has just been updated with a ton of new colors, making it much more appealing that it was before…

ColoredKnob is a wonderful way to customize your ‘Slide to Unlock’ nub because it doesn’t require any theming apps like WinterBoard to work; all you do is install it and go.

Best of all, even with the update and the bevy of new colors, it’s still free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

If you haven’t checked out ColoredKnob, check it out and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

  • Really Nice i love it 🙂

    • I didn’t care for the colors before but now there are more appealing colors and i got it just for the lock icon one. pretty cool. Thanks for the update Jeff, i’m finally getting it.

  • I love it. The “Lock” color should be available in other colors as well.

  • I love it. Violet is perfect.

  • No offense but slider and color knobs looks ugly. Currently using cool lockinfo hide slider option =D

    • go write more love letters to Sebastien and quit with your “ugly” comments. not needed here

    • Dan

      I also prefer to use the lockinfo hidden slider … but some people prefer the knob… not that there’s anything wrong with that! :::joke for Seinfeld fans… =D:::

  • kailash tindwani

    I was sure that it will be updated with different colors and here u go!!!!!

  • I want a WHITE one

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! I like this!

    • Anonymous

      Green looks perfectly with green battery.

      • R Skse

        Yeah, green looks great…I dont even need to update. But I will :]

  • I wish it could randomize and have a different color every time

    • cool idea…until the pink pops up and you get weird looks

  • Blacks the best

  • Nick Nicholson

    I wish the black one was a little darker but this tweak is still pretty awesome.

  • I love it:)

  • Currently rocking the light blue.

  • Anonymous

    Gonna restore my phone in the next few days (rebooting always leads to safe mode, not a big deal but annoying) and will give this a try.

  • Danny McDonald

    Is this US only or something? I’m in the UK, searching “Colouredknob” brings up nothing, even a manual search through the BigBoss repo shows nothing… Am I doing something wrong?

    • Hey Danny, it is US, but not in the way you think. Try searching “ColoredKnob” without the “U”.

      This is the way the Yanks spell it, not like the us Brits and Aussies.

      • Danny McDonald

        I can’t believe I missed such an elementary mistake!!! Thanks for pointing out the glaringly obvious, red face over here!

  • Tom

    Nice update. I’m going to install this now. I wasn’t that impressed with the original colours so I didn’t bother. Now it’s been updated, I think I will.

    For a future update, c0d3 should think about having the padlock on the ‘lock’ option animated. It should open when you reach the right hand side. That would be awesome! :oP

  • Liking the new colors! Now if only Springtomize 2 allowed us to change the font color for the lockscreen text, it would complete the package!

  • I love it