It was only a matter of time, but the inevitable has finally happened. Even though you could already use this workaround to send status updates to Twitter using Siri, you can now tweet with Siri courtesy of an upcoming jailbreak tweak.

The yet to be named tweak is making its way around the blogosphere, and should be released to the public in the very near future.

We’re pretty impressed by how accurate tweeting with Siri actually is, but that should be expected since Siri is very precise when it comes to dictation.

Check out our hands on video as we tweet with Siri inside…

Although the text response still needs some ironing out — Siri clearly contradicts herself by saying “Sorry Jeff, I can’t help you with Twitter” — tweets are still sent out immediately, and she verbally acknowledges the fact shortly thereafter.

I think it’s obvious that Apple eventually plans to incorporate things like verbal status updates and verbal tweets into iOS, but the future is now if you have a jailbroken iPhone 4S, or another jailbroken device running Spire for that matter.

I for one can’t wait until the final product is released, I can see myself using this quite often. What about you?

  • Shripad Sonavnay

    Jeff …. Please do keep us updated on the SIRI for iphone 4 topic buddy ……SPIRE for me is right now way too compex …. plus i dont have an iphone 4s to undergo the SPIRE process.

    hope the dev teams do something about it soon ….
    HATS OFF TO IDB !!! m/

    • only 10usd for a month access on my proxyserver

      • Shripad Sonavnay

        dude …. the spire setup process is complex!!….. can you help me with that…. using dat is easy but setting it up is complex 🙁

  • Hi there, may i ask how you get Siri to response with a “Yes?” instead of dı-dıt sound? Thank you.

    • I believe you need the Hands-Free Control application for that.

      • Thank you, i don’t install it just because it will just drain my battery like an american muscle car consumes fuel 🙂 It does that since its listening 7/24 doesn’t it?

      • Actually I have never tried it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did drain your battery because it does exactly what you are saying.

      • I found a little bug that i have currently. I live in Turkey and siri-location based aids don’t work in my country, as siri says. It only uses my location for weather. Normally when you ask about the date, it tells you. After i installed siri toggles tweak, it started to say ” I don’t know the date on “1945 street”, how silly is that ? “, referring to my current locations adress. Funny thing is, it cannot tell me the date anymore unless i turn off siri’s location services, but it can tell me my adress, lol.

      • yes it does consumes battery because its on the background listening to it i really like it and have used it before but i need to save battery on iphone 4S

  • Anonymous


  • Hi,

    all the new Siri-Tweaks ar awesome! But i hava one problem with it. VoiceUtil only works with Siri-Englisch and i live in Germany. Has anyone an idea how i can change it? Can i change the mobile Substrate ect ect.

    Thx bombi

    • you never know maybe a siri language tweak might come to help siri in other languages 🙂 lol

  • I’ve had a work around for this since the launch of the 4s. And you don’t even have to jailbreak. Just set up your twitter account to be able to tweet through SMS and save the number as a contact. Siri can already send text messages

  • This is a really good tweak and will help most
    There is something I hope it will be improve when it is release.
    I see that it sent the tweet instantly which means if Siri understand me wrong then it will post wrong tweet for me
    When that happens , I don’t think it will be good as sending a tweet that dont make any sense is really weird. It could have a confirmation button or sort…anyway this is a good start and hope the developers behind this can improve this to a really good tweak

  • awesome !!!!

  • awesome !