Given the importance of tomorrow’s iPhone event, many have been wondering if former Apple CEO Steve Jobs will make an appearance. Mixed reports have surfaced that consider the possibility of Jobs attending tomorrow’s event.

Will Jobs surprise everyone with an onstage appearance tomorrow, or will he be sitting in the audience? Will he even show up at all? Different sources have weighed in on the topic…

Since Jobs’ formal resignation, new CEO Tim Cook has been running the show at Apple. Formerly responsible for Apple’s manufacturing success and efficiency with supply chains overseas, Cook has yet to reveal his showmanship onstage for such a high profile announcement.

Jobs has been battling pancreatic cancer for years, and recently his health problems became such a huge issue that he chose to step down from his position at Apple. The well-informed Robert Scoble claims that Jobs is “just not feeling well enough” to attend tomorrow’s event, according to inside information:

“I’m hearing that Steve Jobs won’t be at tomorrow’s press event. He’s just not feeling well enough to come out in public, I hear (and yes, that makes me sad, the industry will really miss him and they will see again tomorrow why). I keep wishing that these continued rumors are wrong, but know in my head that they probably are right. That said, tomorrow will be ALL about Steve Jobs even though he probably won’t be mentioned much, beyond something like “Steve is watching today’s keynote from the comfort of his home and he sends his best wishes to all of you.”

Separately, Reuters is suggesting that Jobs is “expected to make a public appearance:”

“The Apple co-founder, a pancreatic cancer survivor who stepped down in August after his third medical leave, is expected to make an appearance, though a no-show by the Apple co-founder will not be a major disappointment.”

AllThingsD previously reported that Tim Cook will be the one to lead the keynote tomorrow. AllThingsD correctly predicted the date and location of the actual announcement, so there’s reason to believe that the site’s information is accurate.

Jobs’ appearance would do two things for Apple: calm the nerves of investors, and create an added firestorm of media coverage. Imagine how everyone would react if Steve came out for “One More Thing…

Will Jobs surprise everyone with an onstage appearance tomorrow, or will he be sitting in the audience? Will he even show up at all? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • You all know what tomorrow is don’t you 😉

    • Justin


    • Mrtwit21, it is “worromot” spelled backwards!

      Seriously, I could see a very special reunion of BOTH Steves at the event – possibly being the last time to see Steve Jobs with The Woz…..

      If they are going to do a tribute – that would be a really nice way to do it. 😉

      I guess we can only wait until worromot to find out…..

      – Eric

    • It’s actually world animal day tomorrow 🙂

  • If Cook hands it over to Jobs for “one more thing”, that one more thing will without a doubt be the iPhone 5.

    • MrA

      But it’s pretty much confirmed that there will not be a redesigned iPhone tomorrow. Largar iPhone case rumors be damned.

      • MrA


  • Jasper

    I hope that Tim Cook does the most of the keynote with the iPod-thing and than that steve jobs comes with his legendary sentence: One more thing and reveils the iPhone 5/iPhone4S/Meybe even two. However I don’t really see this happening.. More what I hope.

  • I can just imagine Steve steping up on stage and saying: “Unfortunately this will be the last time I stand up here and address you guys with new Apple tech. The iPhone has been the biggest leap forward for Apple since the first ever Mac came out, there for it gives me good pleasure to unveil to you all 5 years after it all began; the iPhone 5!”

    It literally brings brings tears to my eyes! (OK Almost…)
    Thanks Steve Jobs!
    Cameron Carlyon

  • DH88

    In a way, I think Jobs showing up undermines the trust that the company has placed in Cook as the new CEO. If Jobs is present he will be in the audience only and may receive a brief shout out, but nothing beyond that.

    As for ‘calming the nerves of investors’ I think that Jobs’s presence is irrelevant to that. He stepped down over a month and a half ago and Apples stock has not plummeted and actually rose for the few weeks following his departure. Investors recognize Apple as a rock solid corporation with a phenomenal record. I also think that the stock trends really underline the fact that Apple is bigger than one man, as large and impressive an innovator as he may be.

  • Diego

    Ojala el este presente porque es una parte de APPLE…….Steve es como el logo de APPLE…

  • I saw RadioHead live a couple years ago. It was one of the best shows I’ve seen. At the end of the show, everybody expected an encore. The band never came back on stage.

    Steve Jobs is the RadioHead of tech. He’s not an entertainer. He’s wall above all that. He doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone.

    That’s my 3 cents anyway.

    • MrA

      Awesome. I also saw radiohead perform live a few years back (Texas) and they came back and did Paranoid Android as the encore. It was incredible, they rarely play that one live.

      Could the one more thing be the Paranoid Android in your analogy?

      • Well, in the RH show I saw, they didn’t come back. They didn’t even play the 2 obvious songs (Paranoid Android, and Karma Police). In my analogy, Steve doesn’t get on stage.

    • MrA

      “Well, in the RH show”

      Excuse my ignorance but what does RH stand for?

  • AndyMac

    $200 says Tim Facetimes Steve over 3G.

    • MrA

      I’ll take that bet. FaceTime is so 2010.

  • Potamus

    Facetime it is, Ladies and Gentlemen.