If the recent onslaught of iPhone 5 cases and other accessories haven’t convinced you that Apple’s new smartphone will feature a new design, maybe this will. 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple may be set to discontinue its infamous Bumper case.

The case originally debuted alongside the iPhone 4 last summer. And with earlier reports suggesting that the next iPhone will feature a similar design to its predecessor, it’s a bit strange that the company is looking to drop the accessory…

It’s also peculiar because there has been a lot of speculation that Apple was planning on re-releasing the iPhone 4 this Fall as a lower-end device – a phone to compete with Android’s cheaper offerings, and to gain ground in the prepaid market.

While the news doesn’t squash the aforementioned rumors by any means, it does remind us once again that we really aren’t sure what will go down this Fall. Regardless, I say good riddance, $30 bucks for a rubber bumper was ridiculous anyways.

What’s your take on the news?

  • T-Will

    I found the bumper case to be really great. Yeah $30 bucks seems a bit steep, but at the time, it was the least intrusive case and has protected me against a few drops. Just now (almost 1.5 years later) the rubber near the home button is starting to rip from taking the phone out of my pocket.

    Prior to the bumper case, with my 3GS, I had used an Incase rubber case which lasts less than a year before the rubber starts to rip. So for me, the bumper was the way to go.

    If they really are discontinuing the bumper case then either they weren’t making enough money off them (I don’t see how that could be), or they really are discontinuing the iPhone 4 form (or at least changing it enough so the current Bumper cases no longer fit). Could just be a re-positioning of the buttons or something minor.

  • Justin

    Well, I honestly like the bumper. I’ve been looking for a new case because my bumper is wearing out after a year of pocket cycles, but I haven’t found one yet that I like as much. I keep finding too squishy, too hard, too bulky, too loose, etc. Yeah, 30 bucks does seem like a lot for how minimal it is, but for me, this porridge is just right. And hopefully the price goes down a lot now.
    Any of you other readers found a nice, minimalistic case like the bumper?

    • AndyMac

      Check out the Reveal Frame by Griffin. I’ve had the bumper, and I like the Reveal so much better. It not only has the rubber, but hard plastic that has saved my iPhone from some really hard falls. Also, with the Reveal Frame, you can still see the beautiful steel band that surrounds the phone.

      • T-Will

        Very nice! That’s probably the case I’d go for when my bumper breaks.

  • Dane

    ^Two perfect examples of how fanboys will suck up anything apple puts out and then try to justify it. ‘$30 is a lot for a .02¢ piece of plastic but I would never use an inferior 3rd party case’

    I use to have an iSkin case that was good but it was so snug on the iPhone it was a pain to take the phone out of. Last month I picked up a new case in 5 below. No idea what brand it is but it is very minimal and gives full protection

    • T-Will

      Wow, that made me LOL. I never said I wouldn’t use a 3rd-party case, bought it because it was the only case available on Day 1, I’m satisfied with it, and I’m not going out and buying/shopping around for another case until this one wears out. When it does wear out then I’m going to shop for a similar case that just goes around the edge, whether it’s an Apple product or not, I don’t care.

  • Justin

    Cool! I’m a fanboi n

    • Justin

      I actually have about 6 other cases including the griffin reveal. I got the bumper case during the free case program so I didn’t even buy it, but it’s still my favorite one so far.

      I don’t know what 5 below is, but can you find any info on what case you have, I’m definitely willing to try other cases.

  • Chris

    $30 was a lot for the bumper but I like the design of it. It protects the edges from harsh falls while still showing off the back of the phone. Put a nice protector on the back, front, and side of my iPhone and it’s perfect!

  • ic0dex

    I personally loved the bumper case but you can get them on eBay for $2 – $3. I feel like your iPhone stands out more with it then any other case. I have the white and gray on my white iPhone 4 and it looks nice.

  • Chris

    my bumper is in perfect shape and cost me $0.00. i had a clear rubber belkin case before that then i got a clear plastic case at the apple store after i had my bumper. but my mophie juice power plus get’s the most use out of all my cases.