Case-Mate Shows Off iPhone 5 Cases, These Could Be the Real Deal [Update]

Hot on the heels of the purported iPhone 5 screen protector surfacing this morning, BGR is reporting that more accessories have turned up in the next-generation iPhone department. Case-maker Case-Mate just unveiled 6 new iPhone 5 cases.

Sure, we’ve already seen several cases that are reportedly for Apple’s next smartphone. But not from a company as well-known as Case-Mate. And the phone design depicted in the pictures is better looking than anything we’ve seen so far…

The form factor shown in Case-Mate’s photos matches up fairly well with previous iPhone 5 case designs we’ve seen. The mute button is on the opposite side of the volume controls, and the body looks slimmer and more tapered than the previous model.

The images even depict a device with an aluminum backing, something we’ve been hearing for several months.

Given the fact that accessory-makers have a history of exposing the design of Apple products ahead of announcement, we had to give these cases some attention. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t a bit skeptical.

As many have suggested, this could very well be a publicity stunt — a move to generate website traffic. However, the design falls in line with previous rumors, and all of them seem to point to the same thing. Caste-Mate isn’t an obscure accessory maker, either. It would be a shame for the company to put its entire reputation with Apple and its customers on the line with a move like this. I guess we’ll know for sure in a few weeks.

What do you think of this iPhone 5 design? Is it an improvement over the iPhone 4?

UPDATE: Case-Mate has pulled the case renders from its site. The wrath of Cupertino is not to be trifled with.