Budget iPhone thought to borrow colors from iPhone 4 bumpers

Just as Reuters ran a story this morning claiming Apple is planning to release two phablets next year and build  a budget iPhone in variety of colors in 2013, the reliable Japanese blog Macotakara piggy-backs with its own story asserting that Apple's inexpensive iPhone will actually borrow colors from those iPhone 4 bumpers.

This apparently means such color choices as black, white, pink, orange and blue. The story goes on to note that Apple is shooting for a September launch of the budget iPhone...

The Scosche Railkase adds aluminum to the bumper case genre

Bumper style cases are typically made with a silicone or TPU material. These rigid, yet jelly like materials are suitable for minor bumps and bruises but may not be so helpful for the rugged user. The RAILkase p5 by Scosche is a new case that combines bumper functionality with the protective framing of aluminum, and it just brought home a CES 2013 Design and Engineering award.

It is difficult to find metal bumper cases simply because of the nature of the bumper. A bumper case runs the rim of an iPhone, only providing protection on the sides and corners of your device. Thanks to the creative team at Scosche, the RAILkase utilizes a hinge and locking system to provide a nonbendable bumper option…

AL13: a slim aluminium bumper for your iPhone

Here at iDB, most of us have adopted the "no-case" policy for our iPhones. Cases are typically bulky, ugly, and although they are made to protect our handsets, they cover up the beautiful design Apple has worked so hard to achieve.

But the folks at the design firm 'm' think they have a cure for the common case. Their new AL13 is an ultra-thin bumper for the iPhone 4/5 that protects the device with lightweight aerospace aluminum without altering its look...

Don’t want your free bumper case? Claim your $15 Antennagate settlement now

Remember Antennagate? As you know, a settlement was reached in the class-action lawsuit concerning the signal attenuation issue stemming from the iPhone 4 antenna design. The settlement includes Apple issuing a free iPhone bumper case or $15 to eligible iPhone 4 owners in the United States.

In case you don't want a free bumper case for your device, you can now register for a $15 cash payment at the official Antennagate class action settlement website which has just gone live. As always, there are some caveats worth pointing out...

Apple responds to ‘antennagate’ settlement

Yesterday, it was reported that a settlement was reached in the 'antennagate' lawsuit against Apple. The settlement includes Apple issuing a free iPhone bumper case or $15 to each US customer who purchased the iPhone 4. Apple has until April 30, 2012 to send an email out to every customer.

Responding to the settlement, Apple has issued a statement to The Loop...

Your iPhone 4 Case May Not Fit Your iPhone 4S After All

One of the disappointments many people felt when Apple announced the iPhone 4S was the lack of a redesigned chassis. After so many rumors of a new design, many were unhappy that Apple had decided to stick with the iPhone 4 design we're all familiar with.

We all consoled ourselves with the fact that our existing iPhone 4 accessories and cases would fit the new iPhone 4S, but it seems that might not be the case (if you'll pardon the pun!) after all...

Apple Set to Discontinue iPhone 4 Bumper, Sign of a Redesign?

If the recent onslaught of iPhone 5 cases and other accessories haven't convinced you that Apple's new smartphone will feature a new design, maybe this will. 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple may be set to discontinue its infamous Bumper case.

The case originally debuted alongside the iPhone 4 last summer. And with earlier reports suggesting that the next iPhone will feature a similar design to its predecessor, it's a bit strange that the company is looking to drop the accessory...

New Universal iPhone Bumper Released, But Will the Verizon iPhone Really Need It?

All signs are pointing to the fact that the iPhone 4's antenna issues have been resolved by means of the subtle changes made to Verizon's version of the iPhone 4.

Even still, that's not preventing Apple from seeking to cash in on bumper sales, as previous bumpers have been phased out in favor of new universal bumpers that fit both AT&T's and Verizon's iPhone.

Check out the video inside for the side-by-side bumper comparison...

Bumpers Being Sold at Apple Stores Again

I know when Apple announced that they would be handing out free bumpers to anyone who bought an iPhone 4 that the masses would be up in arms over the possibility of Apple deciding to discontinue the case. It wouldn't shock this bruised up author a bit if it came out someday that the cases were made strictly as a bandaid to be given out for the antenna issue.

9 to 5 Mac is reporting that the beloved protective measure is currently being sold at Apple stores. Apple just recently stopped their free case giveaway on September 30th as planned and now plans to turn a profit off of all those pesky freebies...

Oh Look What I Just Received in the Mail

I just received my free iPhone Bumper in the mail today, courtesy of Steve Jobs and everybody at Apple.

First impressions? Meh. I don't like cases and the Bumper is no exception. The iPhone 4 is such a beautiful device that it kills me to trap it in a case. I put it on, took it off and gave it to Tina so she can protect her very first iPhone. She'll definitely need it more than I will.

If you haven't yet, here is how to claim your free case from Apple, or simply browse our iPhone Accessories Store to choose from hundreds of different iPhone cases.