Apple Set to Discontinue iPhone 4 Bumper, Sign of a Redesign?

If the recent onslaught of iPhone 5 cases and other accessories haven’t convinced you that Apple’s new smartphone will feature a new design, maybe this will. 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple may be set to discontinue its infamous Bumper case.

The case originally debuted alongside the iPhone 4 last summer. And with earlier reports suggesting that the next iPhone will feature a similar design to its predecessor, it’s a bit strange that the company is looking to drop the accessory…

It’s also peculiar because there has been a lot of speculation that Apple was planning on re-releasing the iPhone 4 this Fall as a lower-end device – a phone to compete with Android’s cheaper offerings, and to gain ground in the prepaid market.

While the news doesn’t squash the aforementioned rumors by any means, it does remind us once again that we really aren’t sure what will go down this Fall. Regardless, I say good riddance, $30 bucks for a rubber bumper was ridiculous anyways.

What’s your take on the news?