Don’t want your free bumper case? Claim your $15 Antennagate settlement now

Remember Antennagate? As you know, a settlement was reached in the class-action lawsuit concerning the signal attenuation issue stemming from the iPhone 4 antenna design. The settlement includes Apple issuing a free iPhone bumper case or $15 to eligible iPhone 4 owners in the United States.

In case you don’t want a free bumper case for your device, you can now register for a $15 cash payment at the official Antennagate class action settlement website which has just gone live. As always, there are some caveats worth pointing out…

Co-lead counsel Ira Rothken announced on Twitter that the affected customers in the United States wishing to make a claim can do so at the website now. This is only valid for the folks who did not pick up a free bumper case for their iPhone 4.

Also, note the fine print:

To be eligible for the cash payment, you must have: (a) experienced antenna or reception issues; (b) been unable to return your iPhone 4 without incurring any costs; (c) been unwilling to use a case or free bumper for your iPhone 4; and (d) completed certain troubleshooting steps or are unable to complete the troubleshooting steps because you no longer own your iPhone.

If you meet the above criteria, the settlement will provide a $15 cash payment if you are a United States resident who are or were the original owner of an iPhone 4.

Also, pay attention to these important dates and deadlines as well.

You are limited to one cash payment.

It’s worth remembering that class members can continue to request a free bumper case, per Apple’s requirements outlined in this support document.

Did you pick up your free bumper case already or are you planning to register and get your $15 cash payment?