iOS 4.3.4 is expected to be released soon because of the JailbreakMe 3.0 leak, and a lot of people are wondering if this will block the Gevey SIM from working. As we have posted previously, Apple has blocked the use of the Gevey SIM unlock in iOS 5 Beta 2.

This block also comes after Apple released an unlocked iPhone 4 in the U.S. for use on any carrier (mostly T-Mobile)…

The Gevey SIM is a SIM Interposer tool, so it exploits the baseband, which can be fixed by a software update. Along with that, the Gevey SIM has been confirmed illegal by MuscleNerd, so we would recommend not to use it.

What are your thoughts on this? Leave them in the comments below.

  • Speculations

    Doubt Apple will bother with a 4.3.4 release with iOS5 coming..

    • Yup this is false apple has no plans except for 5.0 misinformation this is..

  • UnlockMe

    You recommend not to use it? Until you can recommend something else, don’t tell us what to do. Also, not everyone lives in a country where 112 is illegal.

    • Rodas

      Relax dude.. Ita. Just an advice… Man u r very sensitive…

    • Brian

      +1 to you, I’m tired of saying this, where I live IS NOT ILEGAL

  • c0edx

    iOS 4.3.4 will not come out to block the Gevey Sim. Because if they push out iOS 4.3.4 they need to update the baseband to iOS 04.11. Currently only iOS 5 beta 2 has baseband 04.11

  • CODError

    Who cares about 4.3.4!? All r waiting for @comex release just to jb their ipad2.. All other got a jb.. unlock too if the BB was not updated since.. ??.. I got a factory unlocked ip4 so I don’t care.. Peace!

    • Wselviz

      good for you who can afford it.. but grow up a little bit and try to think about the other side of the coin. not everyone can afford a factory unlocked. I unlocked it with and i’m not bragging about it. be modest. Peace!

    • Mick

      Not every1 is waiting to unlock their iPad 2, personally I don’t give a shit if a jailbreak comes or not !

  • Rasta

    I got the gevey ultra. Doesn’t call 112 so either way I’m good. But honestly who cares if it’s the only way to do it then do it.

    • Joel

      Pretty sure the Ultra still calls 112 in the background automatically.

    • U ain’t good gevey ultra is blocked in iOS 5.0 beta 2 I got tired of dealing with that gevey sim bullshit and bought e a factory unlocked iPhone 4 so I don’t have to worry about anything

  • iname

    Does gevey ultra work with the ios beta

  • Fuck gevey sim straight like that lol

  • Evoss

    Gevey SIM has been confirmed illegal by MuscleNerd, so we would recommend not to use it.

    What an idiots u are ??
    Some fokin cunt prick will say or write something and u will say : so we would recommend not to use it.??????

  • lazybrain

    Buying a locked phone and NOT factory unlocked phone does not only mean that you cant afford to buy factory unlocked phone. I bought iphone 4 in March 2011 for following 2 reasons:

    1. When i bought the phone, iphone 4 was not launched in India (the country where i live)
    2. I was not sure about affordability since in future if the phone would have launched in my country i was not sure about the pricing they would fix.

  • vm

    gevey is working with 4.3.4 (:

  • Kat

    @VM – which one did you use? Mines not working, I can’t call or text but i have signal and recieved text that were sent while my phone was off. I had to restore my iphone and was stupid and let it upgrade to 4.3.4 now i cant even jailbreak it again. Im pretty pissed!