MuscleNerd Confirms the Gevey SIM iPhone 4 Unlock is Illegal

We recently told you about the Gevey SIM interposer, a TurboSIM-like piggy back sim card that allows you to unlock any iPhone 4. When we first wrote about it, we raised concerns about the legality of this method, and warned you that your carrier might not like you using this.

Today, MuscleNerd confirmed that the Gevey SIM is indeed illegal in the US and most likely in other countries because it dials the 112 emergency number and hangs up right away…

Dialing this 112 phone number is basically like dialing 911 here in the US, which is illegal, unless you’re calling for a good reason of course.

Because the 112 call has to be made every time you reboot your unlocked iPhone, it will most likely get you in trouble in the long run. First, your SIM might be banned by the carrier, and you might even be banned as a customer.

At the end of the day, only you can decide whether it’s worth it for you to put your mobile account on the line. Even if you decide to go with the Gevey SIM card, it’s still going to set you back $70.

What do you think? Is it worth waiting for an official software unlock like UltraSn0w, or is it worth taking the risk being banned by your cell carrier?