Daylight Savings Time has stuck again! A bug that reportedly caused the iPhone’s internal clock to not adjust properly to Daylight Savings Time has resurfaced with the recent time change.

Two days ago, we told you about a glitch with the iPhone’s clock not changing to the correct time for the DST “spring forward” of one hour. At the time of the report, no one was really sure to what extent this clock glitch was affecting users.

Complaints seemed to not be as wide spread as the last time there was a DST issue, but many people were (and still are) experiencing problems with their alarm not going off at the right time…

Apple’s clock in iOS seems to be pretty broken. The iPhone’s clock and alarm app have now malfunctioned on the last two DST time changes. The alarm app also broke on January 1st of this year.

There’s still no way of objectifying the symptoms of this clock glitch, and many of you have voiced various types of complaints. We’ve seen issues with the iPhone’s clock on various carriers, including Rogers and other carriers outside of the U.S.

The glitch seems to be an iOS issue, as the problem is also not restricted to a certain generation of the iPhone.

It seems that most iPhones with this clock glitch have reset themselves to the proper time, but some users have reported that their alarm is still going off an hour earlier than it’s supposed to.

If there still seems to be something wrong with your iPhone’s clock and/or alarm, we’ve heard several methods for possible fixes. A simple restart should reset the clock, and you can also try switching the Time and Date settings from Automatic.

We’ve also heard that switching Airplane Mode on and off could fix the glitch. When the iPhone goes into Airplane Mode, the device’s radio transmitters are turned off. When Airplane Mode is turned back off, the iPhone will get a refreshed carrier update. That refresh should reset the clock to the appropriate time.

Apple has not released an official statement on this bug.

What is your experience with this recent glitch? Was your iPhone affected? If so, let us know your story below!

  • Justin

    I have not had any problems. But, the clock in my garage has been an hour off for the last several months, and now it’s right where it should be.

    • Aprimar

      My alarm on my iPhone 3GS is going off an hour early. It is very annoying!

    • Irene

      My clock rings and hour early!! Frustrating

    • Tferg

      Mine is still going off an hour early. I have tried resetting it has not worked

  • tee

    my alarm clock is not working properly. i just called the apple store & they were eager to get me off the phone without offering any support. they just didn’t know what the cause was, how to fix it. i’ve tried all the recommended things: re start the phone, reset the alarms. the problem persisted for a 2nd morning, where my alarm went off at the wrong time! any advice?

    • Dave Amato

      do you have the alarm set for daily or 1 time? I found that if you do not set a reoccurring day, it should work

  • Hugo g

    I got 2 work late thanks alarm !!! Thamm iPhone love it but hate it !!!

  • Joe

    I have had it happen to me every time. What I do is delete all my alarms, restate the phone, then rest my alarms. Fixes issue every time.

  • Blue

    I have the same issue with the Alarm clock going off an hour earlier. My fix was/is not to have the alarms repeat. Never repeat…

    Previously, my alarms were all set to repeat on various days, i.e. Days or Weekends. Works for now, let’s see what happens over the weekend.

    I’ve tried, Airplane Mode on/off, Simple reset, turning off/on set time automatically… Nothing worked, expect turning off the alarm repeat.

    I’m running on ATT, 3GS, Jailbreak – 4.1 iOS.

    Sounds like Apple needs to hire an experienced developer with prior Y2K experience…

    • Joey

      I have exactly the same experience.

      Since DST my alarm was going 1 hour early and woke me up every morning.
      Carrier: ATT, 4G, no jailbreak, 4.1 iOS

      I tried deleting alarms + setting up new ones.
      I tried rebooting, turning off/on set time automatically.
      I checked that I was in the correct time zone setting (Detroit), airplane mode on/off.
      non of those worked…

      the only thing that finally !!!!! worked was to set the alarms to “never” repeat, so now I need to turn them on manually each day…
      THIS WORKS! (for me at least – seems like everyone has their own opinion)

      • Ding

        Mine too, I tried all methods mentioned above, still having the same issue where the clock goes off one hour earlier. Now I m just setting my wake up time one hour later than when I should be…… Super annoying!!! My iPhone 4 don’t have thAt never option anymore after 1/1/2011

  • sOleFresh

    had the problem the last 2 time changes. My iphone time changes but phone still goes off an hour late or earlier but late this time around. my fix was just to delete the alarm and set a new one. worked like a charm but restarting the phone or airplane mode did nothing for me as a heads up

  • My iPhone 4 worked, including the alarm (which I’ve had a problem with before) but my wife’s 3Gs did not update. When I checked in settings I saw that it was set for “Anchorage”. It used to say “Cupertino”, which is close to here. Changing the city alone did not fix it, but turning the device off and on did.

  • Glenn

    My iPhone 3G updates the world clock ok and the device time, but the Clock alarm function doesn’t go off at the right time. My alarm is set for 5am, but the alarm actually goes off at 4am. the iPhone says it is 4 am, the Clock World portion says it is 4am, but the alarm goes off at the wrong time! Started this past Sunday with daylight savings time. I just tried a restart.

  • Allison

    I am having this problem. My alarm goes off an hour earlier than I set it. So I have been setting it an hour later than my desired wake up time for the last three days to compensate. I have tried restarting the phone, airplane mode as suggested above, and checking the clock settings. I just deleted and reset my alarms so I will find out tomorrow if that works.

  • Ed

    My iPhone 4 (iOS 4.1) alarm goes off 1 hour early. Tried all the remedies to no avail. My old iPhone 3g (iOS 3.13) works correctly. It just works. Not! Come on apple. At least acknowledge the problem and the fact that you are working to resolve it. Your silence is deafening.

  • T-Mizzle

    Same here. The time sprung forward, but my alarms are all an hour early. I set a non-recurring alarm for 3 o’clock today and it went off at the correct time. I have so many different alarms because of my rotating swing shift work schedule, along with my daughter’s school activities, it is really a hassle to remove and replace them. Considering the price I paid for the phone, and the fact that is is supposed to be an elite PDA, I should not have to deal with this issue once let alone every six months.

  • Kris

    My calendar is off an hour. Anyone else have that problem?

  • Karen

    I live in an area that does not have DST yet the time on my phone set one hour forward. I changed the time back and disabled the “set automatically” in date and time. I did not touch my alarms and they have been OK. I now have the date and time set using my time zone and I manually set the time. Will see what happens in the fall.

  • Jose

    One of our iPhone 4s is showing the correct time but repeated alarms are going off an hour earlier. The problem is only with repeated alarms.

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  • Julie

    Every since dst my alarm has been going off at 5:30 instead of 6:30. I have the 3gs iphone and the at&t network.
    This really makes me mad. I hope it will soon be fixed. So far everything i have tried has not worked.

  • Leslie

    I too have had the “repeat alarm going off an hour early” issue. Individual alarms work just fine as long as they don’t repeat. Every day this week I have been awakened at 5:15 instead of 6:15. Then when shutting it off, hoping it will go off at the right time, it doesn’t.

    I have done the following so far:
    Shut it off and turned it back on.
    Recreated all alarms from scratch.
    Changed the automatically determine the time from on to off and tested a repeat, still an hour early.

    It seems, at this time, the only solution is to set my repeat alarm an hour later than I really need and hope it doesn’t just automatically fix itself and make me late for work.

  • Karen

    I am sort of confused here. My phone just jumped ahead on hour – the actual time changed. The alarms work just fine – I changed the time manually. Anyone else had the actual time change when it should not have changed at all?

  • David

    My iPhone 3GS will jump up an hour and back as I go through the day, sometimes several times that I notice. The alarms never go off at the correct time because the time is allways one hour fast when they go off. It has been this way since the time change. The only fix that has worked is the obvious one and that is to set the time manually.

  • Shubha

    Mine’s not working and I’ve tried EVERY fix I can find. Add this to my list of reasons to be RUSHING to get an android once my stupid contract ends.

  • Colin

    I’ve been having this same problem ever since the daylight savings time change a few weeks back. I use the alarm clock on my iPhone and it’s been going off an hour early despite trying all the “fixes” listed here.

    Fortunately, I do have an alarm clock that I use as well, but it would be great if my weekday alarm’s on my iPhone would be reliable and go off at the designated times instead of an hour early.

  • Tyson

    Similar to Colin, I’ve also had this problem since the time change. My alarm is set to go off M-F at 7:05am but has been going off at 6:05am instead. None of the “fixes” have worked for me and I am finding it extremely frustrating that Apple has yet to even acknowledge or address the issue.

  • Steve Johnson

    Was I glad I came to this site. I thought I was the only one. My alarm goes off one hour early! It doesn’t matter if I set it for weekdays and just one day. If I set it for 6:00 a.m., it goes off at 5:00 a.m. Same thing if set it for 7:00 a.m. (it’ll go off at 6:00 a.m.) I have turned it on and off – a dozen times now. Still no help. Why can’t Apple do anything to help with this?

  • Alin

    My Iphone 4 has been going off one hour early since DST. I had to set it to 7:15 for it to go off at 6:15… I will try the airplane mode suggestion given above. Hopefully it will work. Thanks!

  • Colin


    I did the software update on my iPhone yesterday. Today the repeating alarm on my iPhone went off at the time it was set for instead of an hour early.

  • Adele Simpson

    I too am mad about this and thought I was the only one!! Where/how can I find this update which may solve this problem?

    • Steve Johnson

      Adele, open up your Itunes on your computer. Plug in your iphone and when your itunes identifies your phone it should prompt you to update your phone’s software. Do that and your phone should work fine. That’s how I fixed mine. You will have to reset the settings to your liking after doing so (volumne, vibrate, etc.). Good luck

  • HP

    Slightly different issue but I was abroad the day before DST on Rome time and since I have got back to UK my clock app is showing the correct time but the title bar shows and hour plus current time. I have date and time “set automatically” ON if I switch this off the title bar goes to the correct time but then ON it adds an hour.


  • I am on Brussels Time.

    My iPhone switched correcty to day light savings time last sunday night the 27th. But the device is subtracting 1 hour off the current time every day since last sunday. e.g. when I set the time correctly manual or via automatic before 12 PM it subtracts 1 hour of the time when I wake up in the morning (9 AM becomes 8 AM)

    When I turn Airplane mode on nothings happens….
    When I turn it off the time is changed to the right time, but the device changes it back (minus 1 hour) within a minute….

    When I turn Time from automatical to manual nothing happens…
    When I turen Time from manual to automatic, time is set correct…. (but it will be changed again during the night…)

  • Dawn

    Alarm goes off an hour early since daylight savings.. What do I do?

  • Anonymous

    I just ran into it this morning when my normal ‘Wake Up’ alarm didn’t sound properly. I woke on my own 30 minutes past the alarm — the alert was on the screen, but there was no sound when it went off. I reset the alarm to a couple minutes later to see if the same thing happened — it did. I deleted the alarm and recreated it and it worked fine.