Daylight Savings Time Glitch Has Caused Much Grief for iPhone Owners

Daylight Savings Time has stuck again! A bug that reportedly caused the iPhone’s internal clock to not adjust properly to Daylight Savings Time has resurfaced with the recent time change.

Two days ago, we told you about a glitch with the iPhone’s clock not changing to the correct time for the DST “spring forward” of one hour. At the time of the report, no one was really sure to what extent this clock glitch was affecting users.

Complaints seemed to not be as wide spread as the last time there was a DST issue, but many people were (and still are) experiencing problems with their alarm not going off at the right time…

Apple’s clock in iOS seems to be pretty broken. The iPhone’s clock and alarm app have now malfunctioned on the last two DST time changes. The alarm app also broke on January 1st of this year.

There’s still no way of objectifying the symptoms of this clock glitch, and many of you have voiced various types of complaints. We’ve seen issues with the iPhone’s clock on various carriers, including Rogers and other carriers outside of the U.S.

The glitch seems to be an iOS issue, as the problem is also not restricted to a certain generation of the iPhone.

It seems that most iPhones with this clock glitch have reset themselves to the proper time, but some users have reported that their alarm is still going off an hour earlier than it’s supposed to.

If there still seems to be something wrong with your iPhone’s clock and/or alarm, we’ve heard several methods for possible fixes. A simple restart should reset the clock, and you can also try switching the Time and Date settings from Automatic.

We’ve also heard that switching Airplane Mode on and off could fix the glitch. When the iPhone goes into Airplane Mode, the device’s radio transmitters are turned off. When Airplane Mode is turned back off, the iPhone will get a refreshed carrier update. That refresh should reset the clock to the appropriate time.

Apple has not released an official statement on this bug.

What is your experience with this recent glitch? Was your iPhone affected? If so, let us know your story below!