Wake Up! Your iPhone Wants You to Sleep in…

Here is an interesting bug found in iOS 4.1 for our fellow European iPhone users.

When switching between Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time, your iPhone actually figures out what time it really is where you are, and changes the clock accordingly. However, it doesn’t change these settings for your alarm clock, which caused some Euros to be waken up an hour later than they were supposed to.

This first appeared in Australia a few weeks ago and even though Apple is aware of the bug, they still haven’t released a fix for it yet. Engadget did a little bit of digging and here is what they found out:

Deleting and re-adding the alarms will NOT fix the issue. We’ve now tested a number of scenarios under iOS 4.1 on European iPhone 4 and 3GS devices for ourselves. The bug appears when using a repeating alarm for anything other than “every day.” So for example, your alarm will go off an hour late if it’s set for “weekdays,” or “weekends,” or every “Monday.” The following alarms are not affected by the bug:

  • An alarm that doesn’t repeat (repeat set to “never”)
  • An alarm set to repeat “every day”

You can test yourself by creating a repeating alarm (but not every day) to go off one minute in the future and 59 minutes in the past.

The fix is probably going to come with iOS 4.2 in the next few days but if it doesn’t come before November 7th (date the US will make the switch), be very careful. You don’t want to get to work an hour late, or do you?